Animal communication 2

I want you to know how my reading was done, so I put up the content of the reading and feedback on my blog.  I have a permission to put up on my blog from readee.  I used initial to protect there privacy.


Name of Human – Ms.S

Date: Feb.23.2017


Name of Animal – E

Gender – Female

Species – Cat

Alive or Not – Not alive


★Human Personality

I saw a long hair, the bun on top. Your energy showed up as almost cloud like shape with rainbow color. I saw especially strong beautiful bright light green (When you see in spring time.) It was shining almost crystal like Peridot, I also saw creamy blue.

You are quiet and smiling a little. I felt you are a bit nervous. As soon as I felt that, tiny little silk thread showed up on your leg and in the second you are completely covered in cocoon. You seemed comfortable in there. When I asked you to come out from there to talk to me, only the head part open. So, I think you know in your mind you want to get rid of this tendency.


★Animal Personality

She came in as bright white light. I felt so much love from her. I was trying to see her personality, but she showed me only a part of her. I saw a white short haired tail. She holds her tail high with confidence and contentment and she stayed in the form of bright light. She didn’t want to waste any time, she came directly to me saying How can I be of service.



She showed me what looks like a living room of the house. She likes the peace and harmony in that room. She also showed me her tail curled up on your leg when you walk by.


★What would you like to change.

When I asked this question I heard “Courage” She wants her human to have more courage.


★Soul contracts (The lesson the animal is helping human learn)

To have courage and confidence.


★How the animal is helping human

She said she is encouraging you and giving you support. Her human tend to set her own boundary on herself so that she thinks she can not do this or it is too much to handle, deciding them before she even try. I was pushing her. Every time she saw me or think of me, she will have my support and encouragement, so that she can do whatever she sets her minds to it.


I asked anything else to tell her human.

She said just tell her that I’m always be with you. Know that you are very strong person.


The reading was done, When you leave with your cat, I saw that cocoon was gone, you were walking with confidence with new breeze of air on your hair.



Feedback from Ms.S

Thank you for the reading, the human personality that part confused me at the start. I wasn’t sure what it was about but after rereading it and then reading everything together it made much sense and is correct. The lesson that my cat E wants me to learn is oh so much a trait she had of her own while she was here. And yes the living room was by far her favorite place to curl up, on the sofa chair. Thank you







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