Animal Communication 4

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I want you to know how my reading was done, so I put up the content of the reading and feedback on my blog.  I have a permission to put up on my blog from readee.  I used initial to protect there privacy.


Name of Human – Ms.A

Name – S

Gender – Male

Species – Cat

Alive or Not – Not alive


★Human Personality

I saw a young woman wearing long boots. When I tuning in to your energy, I felt almost butterfly in my heart. Then I heard “matter of the heart” I didn’t feel sad nor excitement, you have something that concerning about? I saw pale pink to purple, your energy is more reserved to me. You are not the person who is going out of the way to the spot light.

For some reason, I saw a pop up tent for a camping. I don’t know why I saw this but I’m just throw it in here. Something in your heart is weighing you and you keep it to yourself. You might want to consider talk to somebody.


★Animal Personality

When I call your kitty S, he showed up as this cartoon character. Do you know Looney Tunes, Tweety Bird? There is a Black kitty who is trying to get Tweety. His fur was long but ether playing with the water or mud like condition. He is very playful. Just like cartoon.



He likes to play. He doesn’t care how messy he gets, he was tumbling down, playing so hard.


★What would you like to change.

He showed me, as that cartoon character, he is whistling, casually walking, holding a big hammer on his back. He wants to break something. I asked what he wants to break, it was a chain attached to you Ms.A.


★Soul contracts (The lesson the animal is helping human learn)

Light-hearted, be free.


★How the animal is helping human

He said, she thinks she is chained up, dragging heavy weight everywhere she go. I want to cut that chain. It’s all in her mind. She is making her own weight to herself.

When you feel down, think of me. I will cheer you up and know that you are free.


I asked is there anything else to tell your human.

I felt so much love from him.

He said to tell her that I’m sending her love and watching over her.



Thank you for my reading. You were quite bob on with everything you said. I think sometimes I put too much pressure on myself so will definitely taking the advice. Thanks again




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