Hi. Everybody.

I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

I’m a card reader also, and I was considering whether  I can pass the animal communication class or not.

So, I picked some cards.

I picked several cards and yet the message is the same.

It was ” Support ”

I have support from spirit also I have support from people. It’s something like this.

When someone offered me help accept.

Don’t say, “No. Thank you”

Then the support comes to me one after another!

One of the surprising support was a card reading from my friend. She does this for a living.

I had an incident that was very depressing me.

I was just talking about it, and I didn’t ask her to read me, but she did it out of love.

It made me so happy.

According to the reading, my choice of becoming the Animal communicator wasn’t wrong.

What support did you have?


Love and Peace





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