Expectation of the Hummingbird

Hi. Everyone.

I have two hummingbird feeders.

Humming bird1

The long one doesn’t have a resting place so that they have to hover around while drinking.

Humming bird feeder1

The flat one has a resting place so they can relax while drinking.

Humming bird feeder2

I was feeding the birds outside the other day.

While I was changing the water for them, the hummingbird came at me with the speed of a bullet.

I was so surprised.

He drank from the long hummingbird feeder.

The distance between him and me was about 20 cm.


When I looked at the feeder, it was empty!


I thought he would fly away, but he was still hovering around by the feeder.

He was thinking something, then he looked at me.

Then he went to the different openings and drank once, and looked at me again.

He repeated this a few times.


Eyes of hummingbird are very big, considering how small their body is.

Humming bird3

I understand that he was telling me that it was empty.

He was telling me to replace the nectar.

The other hummingbird feeder has lots of nectar in it still, but for some reason, they like the long one better.


When I replaced it with fresh nectar, I can see and feel how happy they are, but they are very territorial.

One is always keeping an eye on the feeder.

When other hummingbird flying by, he ambushes the other one.

The hummingbird that likes the flat feeder is always looking around, his head is moving left to right.

Once in a while, two birds are drinking at the same time.

I laughed when I saw this, because this means, that bird is not ok but this one is.


It was interesting to know the bird psychology.


Love and Peace






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