Soul level animal communication

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I live with three cats.
Since I came to Canada, I have lived with 4 cats, and they make me feel content.

Sunney who is in heaven, Fluffy is a leader, Tara is a queen.
They take care of me and I feel we are completely connected to each other.
The moment my eyes met Tara’s eyes, she started to purr. We are so happy knowing that we are spending this time together.


But Uriel is different.

She is so beautiful, her fur is shining, even her voice is so pretty,
and yet she doesn’t purr.

She doesn’t let me touch her.
She let me pet her maybe once or twice, then she goes away.

She won’t let me hold her either.
(with practice, she lets me hold her maybe five seconds now.)

Before I became an animal communicator, I thought she must have thought of me just as a person who gives her food.


I understand that it was necessary for me to feel support and love from Sunny, Fluffy and Tara. Since I came to Canada completely alone from Japan, and I couldn’t speak English that much then.

Then Uriel came into my life with a completely different character.

Do you think this is a coincidence?

I know they have different characters, just like humans.


Uriel is using the emotion that I feel when I’m around her, ( like I don’t have much confidence in me, or I’m not good enough.) she is modelling me to have the confidence or to have humour. (she makes me laugh all the time.)
She is teaching me the lessons that I decided before I was born into this life.

What is the lesson your pet is teaching you?

Love and Peace

P.S. I wrote how Uriel came to me before.

Archangel? Uriel No.1



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