Who’s the boss

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

When I water my little garden, I go out in the backyard with my kitties.

I was preparing to go outside Yesterday, telling my second daughter Tara that I will be there with you shortly, and I let her outside by herself.

When I finally went outside, she was waiting for me by the kitty nip plants.

I grow kitty nip in a pot, to avoid it getting eaten by all the wild kitties, I wrap this kitty nip pot with a wired tube so that the kitty nip grown outside of the wire can be eaten by wild kitties.

Tara asked me to take off this wire tube. When I took that off, she was all over the kitty nip pot.


My first daughter Fluffy came out.

While I was gardening, I heard a hissing. When I looked over, I witnessed that Fluffy was punching Tara on her forehead.

Like this…

cats punch

They can share the kitty nip pot but I guess they were fighting over the spot.
Tara thinks she is a queen, of course, she thinks that the kitty nip pot is hers. Fluffy was showing her that she is the leader.

Tara gave up and gave the kitty nip pot over to Fluffy, and laid down where she usually sleeps.

Meanwhile, Fluffy was in the kitty nip heaven.

Then later…

When I looked up to see how they are doing, I found Fluffy sleeping where Tara was. I mean Fluffy can pick a place anywhere, and yet she was taken over Tara’s spot.
Fluffy was showing Tara who was the boss.
It is so interesting to see cats social hierarchy.

What is the funny thing that you see your pets do?

Love and Peace

P.S. If you are interested in Soul level animal communication, I will be at T and T spiritual and wellness connections on JUN 15 (Sat) and JUN 16 (Sun)
The Executive Inn Plaza 405 North Road, Coquitlam B.C. Canada

I will read human and animal to see the relationship between the two of you. For more info visit my site.


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