Things that Uriel do

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Cats are very clean animals.
My third daughter Uriel is no exception.


I live with three kitties, but I have 5 kitty litters. ( the basic rule is the number of the kitties plus one. )

I clean their litter around the same time every day, but I was not feeling well the other day so the litter boxes were not cleaned yet.


The thing that Uriel did – part 1 –

As I mentioned earlier, I have 5 kitty litter boxes. Some of them have lids.
I saw her going in there, I don’t know if she really used it or not, but she kicked the lid from the inside, and the lid came rolling off with big a noise.

You all know what she is telling me.
She follows me like a supervisor, and she inspects the litter after I cleaned. She doesn’t use them, but she always goes inside and checks the litter.


Things that Uriel do – part 2 –

when it comes to supper time, part of it is my fault, I take a long time to prepare their meals. My second daughter Tara, she loves eating. Every time I’m in the kitchen preparing the food, she cries loudly how hungry she is. As if she hasn’t been eating for more than a month.

My husband can’t take this anymore, so he tells me to hurry up and feed them.
But he was not the only one who couldn’t take this anymore.
When Tara starts to meow, Uriel snaps and attacks Tara.

She is telling Tara to shut up, silently.

Living with cats gives me so much discovery, and I witness funny moments.


What funny moments have you witnessed?


Love and Peace


5 thoughts on “Things that Uriel do

  1. My dog has spent most of today curled up in my lap. Quite an achievement as he’s a lurcher (greyhound X whippet X bedlington terrier) 😂. I wonder why he was particular sooky today. Normally if wants something he comes up and nudges you then walks to what he wants then comes back to nudge you again.

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  2. Thanks, Keiko. That’s interesting. I was meditating last night and asked to see my spirit guides or guardian angels. At one point, an image of a slim, black dog with silky hair popped into my head. It licked me in the face and I felt a cool air blow across my lips. Then it disappeared. I’ve been trying to see what it means online. It was an interesting image.

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