What is the real reason behind the problematic animal behavior?

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Image by pikabum from Pixabay


It’s been very cold where I live, it feels like the end of October.

I started to write my blog around 2017, being bilingual, I translate my blog in Japanese and put it up on my Japanese blog site.

I’ve been written my blog once a week, but I still don’t get how the Japanese blog site works sometimes.

Recently, I realized that the home page of my Japanese blog site shows what I wrote about a year ago.

When I re-read the blog, I know it’s funny saying this about my self, but I thought I wrote quite good stuff!


It makes you think about how your pets are helping you.


Love and Peace


=== Announcement ===

I’ll be offering Soul Level Animal Communication® and Past Life Reading at The Holistic Market and Psychic Fair!!

Date: OCT.6 (SUN)
Time: 11am to 4pm
Place: Laurel Packinghouse: 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna
There is no ATM on-site, closest is at the RCA.


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