What is the deeper meaning? Pet behavior

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I was sitting on the couch with my beloved kitty and first daughter Fluffy, just chilling.
My second daughter Tara was sitting on the rocking chair.

Then suddenly I heard in Japanese,
“O-to-shi-ma-e tu-ke-te-ya-ru”
which means, “That’s it!! She will pay for this.”
Tara wanted to show my third daughter Uriel who is the boss once for all.
And she jumped out of the rocking chair and took off toward the kitchen.

I was so surprised to hear those particular words in Japanese because those were used only in Yakuza (Mafia) world. I said out loud “she is acting like a wife of Yakuza or something.” Before I finished my sentence, I heard a whole bunch of hissing and screaming and tumbling noises.

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Of course, I flew into the kitchen, so it was a tie.

I didn’t notice but Uriel was attacking with her eyes while Tara was in the rocking chair.
Sometimes, they act as if they are friends for a second, especially supper time, but I guess they were just pretending, in front of me.
This problematic behaviour looks like they are not getting along, or they just don’t like each other on the surface, but it has a deeper meaning in my soul level animal communication.

Animals are here to help humans to learn. They are teachers.
Everybody has a different lesson to learn, and I’m no exception, I’m learning from them too.

The lesson that they are teaching me is “to be a leader”
I know it in my mind, but it’s difficult to act on it.
Well, I must have chosen it because it’s hard to learn for me before I was born.

I’m thinking of letting people be more aware of animal communication in a different format for next year.
As a leader, to reach out to more people.

What is the Soul lesson that your pet is teaching you?

Love and Peace


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