Numerology and Fairy Friday

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Not so long ago, I wrote about the Personal year numbers.


I saw Facebook live the other day, and there was a very famous Numerologist talking about Personal year numbers.
She was being interviewed by another famous spiritual teacher.
(Please read my blog to come up with your Personal Year Number.)
This interviewer was saying that last year was her personal year number 9.
It was difficult for her, but she learned a lot.
Then a new year ( personal year number 1 ) came, and she felt like she was a new person.

I started to wonder when was my personal year number 9.
Then I found out that my year 9 was also difficult, or I should say I worked very hard for whatever I was working on. I went back another 9 years, it was also the same, I put so much effort into whatever I was doing.
Then the next year, I started something new on the personal year number 1.

Last number 9 year,
I was working very hard to become a certified soul level animal communicator.

The next of that year,(which is personal year number 1),
I started to walk on the path as a professional soul level animal communicator.

This year 2020, is my personal year number 3,
3 has the meaning of “communication.”
It’s really weird, but for some reason, I feel encouraged to go one step forward. I’m planning to use YouTube to reach out to more people and tell all about animal communication.


So, as a very first project, I named it “Fairy Friday.”

I have not selected which week it will be, but on Fridays, I will pick one person intuitively and do the mini-reading, and put it up on YouTube.
For details, please read the pinned post on my Facebook Page.

I hope to spread awareness about animal communication.


Love and Peace


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