Emotion is a navigator of the soul

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I participated in a webinar the other day, and the subject was animal communication.
There was a person who was participating in the webinar when he told what the animal was telling him to the human, and the human didn’t understand exactly what the animal was saying that made him angry.
No matter how he said it differently to the human, the reply that came back from the human, it made him feel that they are not getting it, and as a result, he felt anger.

The teacher started to “dig down” to the core.
Where this anger is coming from, one by one, the emotion that he is feeling, as if peeling the onion skin to the core.

In the end, it comes from when he/she was a child the parents said something, or how you are thinking about yourself is the reason, but when you find out to the core, you don’t have to repeat this emotion anymore, in this case, it was anger.

This technic I’m very familiar with, I used to study “Satori”(Enlightenment) it was a Japanese group but English or Japanese, people are the same, I took off my block one by one myself, using this method.

In this webinar in the end, what we can do as an animal communicator is just passing the information on to the human, how they take that info is up to them. Adding to that, the growth of each human is different, depending on each person the capacity of taking in the info is also different.

When you do this “digging down” over and over, you will notice, that big emotion like anger, you will feel that other people mirror what you have inside.

So, if somebody said something, and it happened to two different people, when you have the same thing inside that hooks or triggers you, you will end up being angry, but if you don’t have the same thing inside, this person will pass through without any emotion.

It may take some time but you can do this on your own.
Especially, big emotions like anger or sadness, you may find it easier to dig down.

When you feel a big emotion, if and when you dig down where is this emotion coming from, you may be surprised to find out the result.

Emotion is the navigator of the soul.

Love and Peace


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