Is our energy causing the animal’s physical change?

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Since my soulmates crossed over the rainbow bridge, I was having a hard time, so that my energy was not stable, I was not in a good place for a while.

Then my only kitty Uriel started to get sick, throwing up almost every day. I took her to the vet several times. Even after all the tests, still, the vet can not figure out what is wrong with her.

Animals reflect our energy.
They do this to make us realize and help us to grow.

Now, people in the entire world are going through the loss of a job, dealing with the passing of loved ones, filled with uncertainty, so that our energy is unstable.

Our animals are feeling our instability in their bodies. So if your pets are going through a similar thing like mine, please look at your energy. If you feel your energy is not stable, try to get out of that state of being.

This is what I tried.

  1. Crying without suppressing the emotion.
  2. Ask for help from whoever you believe in (God, angels, guides…)
  3. Connect with Mother Earth through Earthing.

Explaining a little more
1, Crying helps to cleanse and purifies the energy. When you suppress the emotion, it stays inside the body. It never disappears eventually, comes up to the surface so that you need to deal with it.
Crying helps to take out emotion from the body.

2.Asking for help
We are never alone.
Beings that we can not see are all around us. They will help you in the most unexpected ways.

3.Earthing is to connect on Earth with bare feet. Imagine our body is a battery with +, the Earth is -, when our feet touch the earth it conducts energy, takes the inflammation from our bodies and Mother Earth will surround you with love.

Please try this out if you like.


I’m trying so hard to adjust my energy, constantly every day, and recently, I feel the sift in my energy.
Then I really thought Uriel is on death bed, but somehow, she is getting better little by little.

Everything is energy.

Love and Peace



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