How To Stop A Negative Thought Loop

Hi. Everyone.
I am Keiko. I am a soul level animal communicator®.

2020 will be finally over very soon.
I’m sure everybody agrees that 2020 affected us to the core in some way.

I’m guessing some people have difficulty adjusting to the sudden change and couldn’t get out of the negative thought loop, and can’t help feeling stuck. I was one too.

You understand in your mind, but if the emotions are not with it, it’s hard.

So, I’m going to tell you how to get out of this negative thought loop.

Did you know, “Everything is energy.”
We are made out of energy too, and every single one of us has a unique frequency.
People, things and events that resonate with this frequency are all around us.

When you focus on one energy (emotion), that energy will get stronger and bring more of the same energy. (Like attracts like.)

But when you think the opposite way, the people, things and events that don’t resonate with your frequency can not exist around you.

So, the simple way to get out of a negative thought loop is to bring up your frequency.

Now, how can we bring up our frequency?

  1. Connect with nature. Nature will gently cleanse your negativity.
  2. Try not to put anything that you don’t like in you. (people, things, information.) Surround yourself with the things that make you happy.
  3. Move your body. Energy likes to circulate.
  4. Appreciation. Appreciation is one of the highest frequencies.
  5. Fasting or eating healthy, meditation. Will help cleanse the body within.

There are more things, but those are the things that I can think of now.
When your frequencies go up, you will be able to access people, things, events that are higher than before.
If you try the things that I mentioned, your body, mind and spirit become clear, so you can connect with your guide much easier. The side effect is you will have more inspiration.
But remember, we are only human. Please don’t push yourself too hard. Start trying one of the things that I mentioned if you can.

Love and Peace


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