Things I do for my cat. Part-1

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I put a harness and leash on Cocoa and go for a walk with him when it is nice out.
Cocoa likes to patrol around the fence.
He takes me for a walk on the same path over and over.

black cat Cocoa with harness and leash

Ruby stays near the door, plays with bugs, and looks up when birds fly over. She enjoys being outside.

Black and white kitty Ruby with harness and leash

Ruby loves my husband.
He knows how Ruby likes being outside.
So, when he cuts some wood outside, he puts the harness on her, and they go out together.
Ruby waits by the door until he is done.

The other day,

It was a rainy day, so Ruby stayed inside.
When my husband opened the door to bring some wood, Ruby took off so fast.

She completely changes when she is not wearing the harness. She ran away.

It was pitch black outside.
My husband and I looked for her with flashlights.

Then, I found her on the other side of the fence. I could not get over to help her.

In the back street, there is a spot without a wire on the top of the fence, so we went there.
We brought two ladders, and my husband threw the medium size ladder over the fence, leaning against the fence from the other side, and my husband put the long ladder leaning against the fence from our side.

My husband had a TIA several years ago, he lacks balance. So, I climbed on the ladder instead and sat on the fence facing the other side of the fence.

It looks easy when I see someone doing the same thing on TV, but when I actually try to do it, it looked really high, and I am a middle-aged woman with no physical sense, still, I was trying to reach the ladder over the fence. That ladder is very old and my legs are too short, every time my toe touches, both the ladder and the wired fence itself moved.

If I fell down from here…

To be continued

Love and Peace


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