Love Frequency

Hi. Everyone.
I am Keiko. I am a soul level animal communicator®.

Have you heard of Solfeggio Frequencies 528 Hz?
This frequency is called Love frequency or miracle frequency.

The 528 Hz frequency also seems good for the body at the cellular level.

If you are living with a kitty and you need to ask them to stay home while you are gone, you can use the music with this frequently.

Your cat will be able to balance their energy by listening to this music if they have anxiety.

You can find this music on YouTube.
The length of this one is 10 hours.

There are all sorts of different cute kitties on the screen, and sometimes, the purring sound comes on too.
Even I feel relaxed when I listen to music.

Watching this with your cat can help you relax if you’re stressed or anxious.

When you search, you will find more.
So, choose the one you like.

Love and Peace


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