Waiting Game with Tara

Hi. Everybody.

Do you remember the blog I wrote about Tara a couple weeks ago?

Tara’s turmoil ← you can read it from here.


My husband and I took her to the vet, it turned out that her teeth are OK. So I started to treat her with tartar stuff that you add their water.

She did drink that water in the beginning and eat dry food a bit more, but it was obvious that she doesn’t like the water.

I didn’t think it through from the beginning.

When I added the stuff in the water very first time, I did it while they were watching me. So, they knew there is something in the water.

I live with three kitties, and I want the other kitties to have teeth without tartar, so I added this stuff in all of their water.



Black kitty Fluffy started to yowl ( as if she is screaming out from Hell) in front of the water dish with complaining that “I DON’T LIKE THIS WATER!!”

Another time, I found Fluffy in the kitchen where a pile of dirty dishes around. She is 16 years old, she is not athletic anymore, I don’t know how she got there, and I’ve never seen her there before. She must have been wanting to drink pure water. She was looking for it.

And Today,


When I passed the living room, I heard a weird noise.

It sounded like water dripping or something.

I looked around the room and focused on that noise.


I discovered Tara on the wood stove.

I wondered what she was doing for a second.

Then I realized that she was drinking water out from the old pot on the stove.


It was my mistake.

I underestimated how far she would go.

I didn’t know she refused to drink that water that much.

I was wrong to add the stuff in all the water while they were watching me. It all started from there.

But if I don’t add this stuff, her tartar wouldn’t go away.

I have to think a better strategy for the waiting game with Tara.


My third daughter Uriel, who doesn’t know anything, she drinks this water as usual. She gives me the cold shoulder but she looks so lovable to me.



Love and Peace





Tara’s turmoil

Hi. Everybody.

My Tara, she will be 15 years old this year.

In human age, she is in 60’s or 70’s.

She seems healthy, runs so fast, ( sometimes, she runs like a crazy kitty.) and she is living a long life with me.


Recently, I noticed that she is losing weight.

Compared with black kitty Fluffy, she is only one year younger yet her weight is much, much lighter than her.


Adding to it, I also noticed that she is not eating crunchies.

Probably the aging thing, and her teeth are not doing too well. When I looked at her teeth, it was brownish but her gum looked still ok.

She is losing weight and doesn’t eat crunchies, so I gave her more canned food, then she gained her weight back.

Every time I feed her can food, she acts as if she hasn’t been eating for a week. I thought maybe she couldn’t eat crunchies because of her teeth, and she must have been starving. I wish I could’ve realized it earlier.

She is eating but if I leave it, her teeth could get worse, so I decided to go to the vet.

I didn’t know this but believe or not, eighty-five percent of cats over the age of three have some form of dental disease.

On the way there, I was anxious and worried. Thinking that, when they treat cat’s teeth, will she have to go under?

Anesthesia is very hard for her old body,

Do I have to leave her overnight at the vet?

Then when the doctor checked her teeth, he said her teeth are ok.


But, she doesn’t eat crunchies anymore. I exclaimed.

Then he continued calmly and said, that’s because she prefers the wet food than dry food.

OMG. She completely fooled me! I was under her control.

She thinks she is the queen of the house.


But tartar build-up has certainly started, so it’s better to start some dental care, the bonus is that her heart is also ok.

I was worried sick about her but her teeth are still ok.

I totally understand that she prefers the canned food but if I give her only the canned food, her teeth would get worse, so I got kitty toothpaste.

This is the stuff.


Just add to the water dish.

A couple days after I used this product, I saw Tara eating the crunchies.

She used to eat only one or two pieces of crunchies, she was eating more than that.

If you leave dental disease untreated, it will affect their liver and kidney, so please check your kitty too.

Love and Peace


=== Announcement ===

I completed all the classes that existed up until this point on Jan. 31st. I’m considering to change the price officially as a professional.

I felt that 20 min reading wasn’t long enough, so I’m thinking to change it to 30 min instead of 20 min.

So, if you are interested, please schedule the reading as soon as possible. (before the price will go up.)



How do you use intuition in everyday life?

Hi. Everybody.

When you hear the word “intuition”, do you think people who have or use this power are special?


I think every single one of us who has this intuition and is using it in everyday life, and it would work like a muscle.

When you exercise, your muscles will get stronger and you can hold heavy stuff or you will be able to run or walk a long distance.

Contrary, when you don’t exercise you lose your muscle and you won’t be able to walk. Just like this, the more you use your intuition, you will get better at it.

I’m using animal communication as a tool, but I was practicing this intuition for a couple of years.

Recently, I started to realize that I was using this intuition without my intention.

For example, when I go shopping, I always have my list of things to buy, while I’m choosing this stuff from the list, other stuff which is not in my list starts to pop up in my mind.

At that time, I couldn’t find this stuff that popped up in my head in the store, and I didn’t think it was necessary to get that stuff anyway,

so I just came home without buying that stuff. Then the very next day, that stuff that popped up in my head broke, and I really needed it in the end.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she uses her intuition this way.

She needed to go to the hospital but she knew if she leaves now it will be really busy, so she uses her intuition to see what time would be less waiting time. Then she picks the first number that comes up.

When you are driving, you feel like you don’t want to use the same path that you were using, then choose the different route. If you had been choosing the same road, you would end up in the big traffic for whatever the reason. You may experience these kinds of things before.

This intuition, everybody has it and is using it in everyday life.

Now, how do you strengthen this intuition?

It is the practice, and the key is what pops up.

For example, when the phone rings, before you look at who’s calling, just guess who is calling.

Or, when you are walking on the street when you turn the corner, guess what colour of the vehicle would be there.

I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of things to practice.

When you strengthen your intuition, I think everything would be smooth sailing.


How do you use your intuition in everyday life?


Love and Peace






Hi. Everybody.

This is continued from last week about the trap of intention.

I learned a new way of using the intuition and practiced it with my classmates.

The second time I practiced, I fell into this trap, and I was in a very bad place. I was almost swallowed up in the tornado of negativity.

Since then, I practiced with another member of the group.

Of course, they know I’m having a hard time with this.

But this time, I went in with a different mindset.

I know I can do the reading and I am the creator so there is no way I can NOT do this. Plus, this new way of using the intuition, it’s a nice tool to have when you are teaching. So, even if I can’t use it now, I can use it when the time comes.

It needs three people to do this practice, we have to take turns with each other. Think about it now, I felt like everybody was holding hands together, and respecting each other, it was great teamwork.


Every piece of the information we receive, we talk about it, analyze it, try to understand it, little by little, we proceed with baby steps.

Each of us was trying to understand this new way of intuition, and wanting to use it, so there was a foundation of love, and everybody was trying with open minds.

The old me had the mindset of things that had to be a certain way, I was stuck, in the end, I couldn’t get any information, but this time, I was relaxed so I was able to get some information.

What I realized from this practice was that just like every single person has a different character, and the way this person receives information is also different depending on the person.

I knew this in my mind, but it took some time until finally got it. I feel like I took one small step forward.

I really appreciate that I met these wonderful classmates through the past year. I wouldn’t be here without them.

Even though everybody has the intuition, you can’t see or feel the intuition like the stuff in the 3D world, so I think it’s very difficult to trust that is real.


How do you use your intuition?


Love and Peace




The power of intention

Since then, a new client came to me.

Before I wrote anything down, I asked my angel to bring more clients. But every time I asked, they said, ” I’m working on it.” Though I heard their replies, nothing was happening.

So, I think if you write them down, the result will show up quicker.

I surprised myself.

This is what I did.

When I go to bed, I looked at my lovely Fluffy who sleeps in my arm, this makes me very happy, then I imagined to be happy to serve these loving animals and their humans.


Now, I would like to talk about the trap of intention.

I learned a new way of using my intuition in the class.

But I couldn’t do it as I hoped.

There was a strong intention to make this work, but harder I tried, the more stuck I was.

When the intention becomes an obsession, it stops the flow and will get stuck.

I tend to think things have to be a certain way, I am a typical type of person who falls into this trap.

How to get out of this trap?

You gotta have to go back a few steps and breath.

The information comes through naturally, no matter how much I insisted to get more information, it doesn’t work that way.

I was doing exactly this without noticing it.

No wonder I was stuck.

After the intention, I need to chill out a little,

let go, and allow the information to come.

It’s easier said than done, but we are the Creator.

It’s no way that we can not do it.


What is your intention?


Love and Peace





Creating yourself

A Happy New Year!! Everybody.

This is my first blog for 2018.

I have to confess.

For all my life, I’ve never thought of making a New Year’s resolution. I know I will forget about them after 3 days, so I really didn’t see the point of doing it.

New Years resolution

One of my colleagues held a webinar. The title is New Year Visioning.

When I saw this topic, I wasn’t interested.

After I watched her webinar, and I can tell it worked for her, but still, I thought it’s nothing to do with me.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to talk to 3 people

at different times, and each of them asked me what is my New Years resolution is.

Then, a thought popped up in my mind, the same thing came up 4 times in a row, this must be a sign. The old me would never agree to this, but nothing could start without “the intention”.

I figured writing this means declaring to the Universe, so, I can look back a year later. So, I wrote my New Year’s resolution.

This is what I actually wrote in the paper.

***5 or more clients to read in a week.

***Lose 10 pounds or so.

I thought about it quite long time, but nothing else comes to me. Also, I had no emotion towards them. I don’t think this would reach the Universe.

So, I watched that webinar again, and read other people’s New Year’s resolutions for reference, and I copied it if I really liked it.

This is how I create myself for this year !! ( for real )

  1. I am grateful to read 5 or more clients per week and happy to be in service for both the animal and humans.
  2. I am grateful and happy to lose 10 pounds or more so that I can move more easily and freely.
  3. I am grateful and happy to have more confidence.
  4. I am grateful and happy to speak and write better English.
  5. I am grateful and happy to hone in on my intuition and realizing when I’m using my intuition in everyday life.
  6. I am grateful and happy that I can communicate easily and freely with animals.
  7. I am grateful and happy that my intuition, my energy, my confidence, and self-esteem are stronger every day.
  8. I am grateful and happy that Universe has my back.

According to the webinar, it is important to “feel” these visions. I asked her what can I do when I have a hard time connecting the mind and the heart? She suggested that think about something that you enjoy or love, then try feeling your vision.

I’m going to watch a cat video, then feel my vision.


How do you create yourself for 2018?


Love and Peace





Doggy’s change of mind.

Hubby’s friend moved to this town where I live about two years ago.

I know that Christmas is a family thing in this country, and hubby sees them all the time, but he heard that nobody will visit them this year. So, to be their company, my husband and I went to visit them.

I was astonished what I had experienced, and I want you to see the different perspective.

Now, there are two little dogs that live in this house.


When I visited this house before, one of the dogs was barking continually, also he kept nipping all around my legs. Because of this pain and this non-stop barking, the human put this dog in the basement in the end.

Because of this, I was dreading to go to this house.

I felt sorry for this dog, kept in the basement because of me, but I don’t want to be rude not showing up for the Christmas.

When I got there, the dog was already in the basement.

He heard my voice so he was barking from there.

Then my husband felt sorry for this dog, so he let the dog out. As soon as he opened the basement door, this dog flew out and came up where I was.

I didn’t want to get nipped so I folded my legs on the chair and completely ignored this dog.

He was barking at me for a while.

Later, he started to calm down.

But when I moved, he barks so I kept my movements in slow.

When I let my legs down, he was sniffing, I thought he might nip me but he didn’t, I was safe.

Then suddenly, he jumped on my lap and stayed there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

I thought he was after the food on the table but he was just sitting on my lap comfortably.

Is this the same dog?

This dog was intently watching his human from my lap and it almost felt like his love leaked out of his small body.

I started to feel his deep, almost overwhelming love for his human. I didn’t read this dog or the human. But this feeling of love was too much to keep it to myself, so I told his human. He just said, ” I know.” Because I wasn’t asked to do a reading, or I don’t know how much he was open to this kind of idea, so I didn’t tell him the reason why this dog is showing so much love.

When I was just bathing in the love from this dog to his human, he started to talk to me.

【My human, he doesn’t think he is lovable. Showing my love would help him to know how lovable he is.】

I am always moved by the animal, how they deeply touch the soul.

Happy New Year!!

Love and Peace