Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko, I’m a Soul level animal communicator.


My teacher, Danielle Mckinnon, held a mini-class about Clairaudience.


Clairaudience is one of the psychic abilities that we possess, and the way to get the information is to hear.

I don’t think I have much of the clairaudience ability. In my case, hearing, feeling and knowing are all mixed up, so it’s hard to distinguish.

So, the question is, how do you strengthen the clairaudience ability?

It’s all starts with using your physical ear.

Just close your eyes, and start to listen to the sounds around you. When you focus, you start to hear the sound that you have never noticed before. The sound of a fan, fridge, birds outside or the noise of cars far from where you are.

When you get used to hearing those sounds, you can ask your guide or angels for a message.

When I tried this, I couldn’t hear anything for a while, so I started to think I don’t have this ability. At that moment, I heard the voice of women or children. It sounded like a chuckle. I felt like they were Cherub or guardian angels, and they sounded like that they were having fun.


Then, I heard


We are always here with you.

You are safe. You are not alone.

Feel the love that surrounds you.


For a second, I thought I made up these things. I know some of you would think the same way, but trust yourself!!

Imagination is very important when you want to strengthen your psychic ability.

For people who couldn’t hear anything, just pay attention for a few days. You might hear the answer from the music (lyric) on the radio, or you may hear people behind you when you are waiting for the cashier.

Just think of this as a fun game and try it out.


How are you able to hear?


Love and Peace







Hi. Everyone.

My teacher, Danielle Mckinnon, held a class about Clairsentience.


Clairsentience is one of the psychic abilities that we possess, and the way to get the information is to feel.

In my opinion, I think almost all Japanese have this psychic ability. This one is quite common lots of people have this ability, whether the person knows this or not.

This clairsentience, I don’t like it. I don’t want to admit that I have this ability, because I get overwhelmed by it. I feel that this emotion will take over my body.

As an animal communicator, I hear many sad or tragic stories from clients. There are many cases that my clients cry explaining these situations to me. If I let my emotions take over me, I can’t do this work, but I’m only human so I can not feel these feelings.

Something happened to me the other day.

My animal communication style is that I ask the animal what the human is learning from them, but there was an incident that I couldn’t make sense of it. Especially, the human did something thinking that it will be good for the animal, that ended up causing the passing of the animal.

I told my teacher what I was struggling with. She gave me the advice to connect the stray cat that I saw on the Facebook and ask this cat what’s the message was for me.

This stray cat passed because the human gave him a flea drop thinking that this will help this cat, but that medication was too strong for him.

It was challenging to connect this stray cat because every time I try, tears came down on me.

This cat told me that it was his time. Please don’t feel sad because I don’t. It was the only way. This had to happen for the other kitty to go to his place. (It’s like plan A had to happen for plan B to succeed.)

Then he said, how ( he passed ) doesn’t matter. He said I’m getting a tunnel vision. Don’t get caught up on that. See the bigger picture.

I found out later that this person who was caring for the kitty was looking for somebody to take both of the cats. If this one didn’t pass, it was difficult for the other one to go to this human.

The animal thinks passing in a different way, I know this in my mind, yet it’s really hard to understand it. But this stray cat gave me a completely different perspective.

When you have a strong feeling about something without even thinking about it in everyday life, this might be a sign for you. If you allow this feeling, you may find deeper understandings.

Love and Peace






Hi. Everyone.

It’s been chilly for the past week where I live.

I can’t believe it is the end of June.

My teacher, Danielle Mckinnon, held a class about Clairvoyance.


What is clairvoyance?

It is one of the psychic ability that we possess, and the way to get the information is to see.

Some people can see as if watching the movie but doesn’t mean this is the only way.

Clairvoyance, such a big word, but if I ask you to imagine a purple apple, you can imagine purple apple in your mind quite easily.

In my session with my client, I receive some of the information through clairvoyance, sometimes I can clearly see, but most of the times, all I see is a blackish shadow, I see this shadow in the shape of a human (client) doing something.

When I started to learn animal communication, I asked my teacher a few times, when this shadowy figure becomes clear?

This shadowy thing, or as if there is a veil covering my vision,

it took me a long time to understand that this is my way of seeing.

I was one of the people, who thought I should be able to see like a movie.

We are all different. Our characteristics are also different, therefore, how to see is different.

My way of seeing (shadowy figure) is not the only way.

It’s just how I see it.

I also see colours and tell client’s character.

There are people who can see the words or number.

There are people who say they can’t see anything, but don’t worry.

For those people, they have a stronger sense in another way of getting information, like feeling.

It’s not like this one is better than the other.

Some people are good at math, and some people are good at history, just like that.

How are you able to see?

Love and Peace





Stand up for yourself

Hi. Everyone.

It has been really hot for a past week, but today was barely 20 C (70 F).

I think this year is kind of extreme weather-wise.

When it’s nice out, I go to the backyard with my kitties.

I let the kitties out, thinking I’m going to be there in a minute but I went back to do something in the kitchen, all of the sudden I heard a big and long MEOW.ムキー

It was Fluffy’s voice. So, I went to the back door, through the screen door,

I witnessed ポーンガーン

Fluffy in the middle of the yard,

in front of her, there was a big male stray cat,

When I got to the screen door, I was screaming Fluffy’s name really loud, so that the stray cat heard/saw me.びっくりキョロキョロ

He showed some attitude but left quietly.

This is what happened.

Fluffy saw the stray cat, and dashed to him,

telling him that “this is my place!!”

The stray cat knew Fluffy’s existence, so he just let her know that he knows who she is and let her have the victory,

saying that ” Oh, you again, whatever”

I can see him intuitively, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.

Tara and Uriel who also was there stayed by the door far from where Fluffy was.

Fluffy June22-2018

Fluffy is 16 years old. I think she can’t hear much, but she can still see. No matter how far the stray is, she runs like a black panther and shows them that this is her place. I guess she is acting as a leader.

Tara, one year younger than Fluffy, I don’t think she can see well, so she doesn’t charge toward strays like Fluffy.

Uriel, the youngest, she acts really big when she is inside of the house, but outside, she turns to a baby. This time, she was hiding behind something and peaking and watching Fluffy with one eye.

I was worried if Fluffy got hurt, but this time the stray was a male and he knew that female cats rule.

They say, there is a meaning behind everything.

From this incident,

I thought Fluffy is showing me

How to stand up for yourself.

I’m having difficulty around this area,

this is another thing that she is teaching me.

What is your pet teaching you?

Love and Peace





What is your beloved pet teaching you?

Hi. Everyone.

At the school of animal communication, there was a webinar of practicing with each other, and luckily I was chosen as a readee.

Every time I have a webinar to participate, Fluffy comes to me and sits on my lap and we join the class together.

This time, because Fluffy was with me and I was chosen to be read.

First, they read my personality.

I thought the reader was kind of talking about me.

But the teacher and my colleague were laughing out loud because they knew me better than I am.

Another words, everything the reader said was spot on.

Then she went to Fluffy’s personality.

Fluffy is mirroring me, everything she said was right on.

I DO have a strong connection with Fluffy.

Just listening to what the reader said, I couldn’t stop smiling.

My question to ask Fluffy was about her food.

Since I learned that she is an early stage of kidney disease, I changed her diet, so I wanted to know if she likes it or not.

Then the reader told me about the video that she saw.

It’s about a butcher in Turkey, feeding meat to the stray cat.

I’ve seen that video on the Facebook several times, so I knew exactly what she was talking about.

From this video, I can tell, Fluffy is wanting the food and enjoying it.

Then the reader asked what is Fluffy teaching me?

Her kidney started to function poorly to make me think her diet for the healthier way, but what she is teaching me is to take care of myself.

I didn’t see this coming.

and what she is teaching me is so true, because I don’t really take care of my self. I’m alone on the weekdays, so I eat easy stuff.

I look back and remember what I’ve been eating in this past week, my diet was horrifying. I was eating whatever I want.

After the reading, all I can hope is that my teacher and the person who read me didn’t see what I’ve been eating for the past week.

Such an embarrassment.

I have to take better care of myself.

The new year’s resolution that I decided on the beginning of this year, is exercising for 30 min a day.

I used to do it every day but recently I’ve been lucky if I do it once a week.

Fluffy knows me better.

Her message is hitting home.

I have to see my lifestyle from a different perspective.

What is your beloved pet teaching you?

Love and Peace




Basking in the sun and Milk Thistle

Hi. Everyone.

It was such a beautiful day, so my kitties and I went basking in the sun in the yard. It had been too cold or too hot recently, so it’s been a while to have a day like this.

Fluffy looks so comfy.


Going outside in this season, I think flea prevention is necessary.  I live with three cats, so I have to give them flea drops.

 Recently I found out that one of my kitties is in the early stage of kidney disease. Since I keep an eye out for new information, I heard that there is a hospital operating Kidney transplants for cats in the States.

Donor cats are from SPCA. After the operation, donor cats are guaranteed to have a home.

So, both the cat which needs a healthy kidney and cats in SPCA will be able to live, a win-win situation.

 When I heard this, I thought human and animals are the same.

Going back to the beginning,

I live with three cats, and two of them are senior cats.

When I give my cats flea drops, their liver has to work harder to get rid of the medication. I thought senior cats need all the help they can get.

Then I found this.

 Milk Thistle

    1. Helps maintain liver health in cats

    2. Health support during use of drugs (like chemotherapy)

    3. Helps support regeneration of damaged liver cells

I’m not working for this company nor getting any kickbacks, but I want my kitties to live healthy as long as possible.

So I would like to share this information with you.

Please use this information as a reference.

Love and Peace




Archangel Raphael

Hi. Everyone.

I received an e-mail from an animal communication friend of mine the other day.

It was only a few sentences.

She was listening to Doreen Virtue’s audiobook Archangel 101.


She heard of a Keiko living in a remote part of Canada who had to drive a few hours to do her shopping. She was asking if this person was me.

Come to think of it I did have a faint memory of sending out my angel story. I think it was 2007 or 8.

Both my last name and family (maiden) name are quite common in Japanese, so I asked her the contents of the story.

With the comment of “I can’t imagine there’s another Keiko with the same exact life circumstances!” she sent me the copy of the page.

Surprisingly, it was my story.

and I didn’t know about this after all these years!!

What my angel story was about Archangel Raphael.

It’s even translated in Japanese.


OK, so what was the story?

I live in a rural area of Canada, when I go shopping, I had to drive an hour and a half. So, this Shopping day is such a big day because I have to go to so many places in one day.

My husband and I arrived in the city. He went to the bank, while I was waiting in the car, I started to get sick. I was thinking in my mind there are so many places I have to go, I can’t do anything feeling like this.

So, I prayed to Archangel Raphael to heal me completely.

I felt much worse, and I was starting to faint.

Then at that moment!!

I saw an emerald green light. It was an oval and the size of a child. I saw with my physical eyes, that light was in the pedestrian, between the people who walked by.

I thought what that was, and I started to come back from fainting state and miraculously started to feel better. I couldn’t believe it myself. I knew it was an Archangel Raphael, and I thanked him endlessly. By the time my husband came back from the bank, I was just fine as if nothing has happened. After that my day went great, I did everything that I needed to do.

Angels do exist.

They respect our free will, so we, the human has to ask for help otherwise they can’t help us even they wanted to.

It doesn’t matter how small it is.

For Angel, there is no big or small help it’s the same.

You have more help available than you think.

Love and Peace