Hi. Everyone

I love spring the best.

The gentle breeze hitting my face so comfortably and hearing the birds chirping.

The Steller’s Jay is good at mimicking the voice of other birds.

So, he is mimicking the hawk so that other the birds won’t come near the bird feeder.

I wrote about this last week,

John Craig (Echan Deravy) interviewed me about my life and animal communication.

If you missed this you can hear it from here.

Today, I would like to talk about his movie.

He went across an Island for 33 days barefoot.

This is a documentary about his journey.

I didn’t know anything about “Earthing” until I met him.

So, I took off my socks and sandals, I’m writing this blog with my bare feet now with my lovely Fluffy under the cherry tree in my yard.

You might have thought what’s “Earthing”?

It’s to connect you with the Earth when you are barefoot.

Without socks, without shoes, walking on the ground.

You can sit as long as your barefoot feet are touching the ground. This ground doesn’t mean asphalt. It means grass or soil, or sand by the sea, it means nature.

It’s very simple and yet there are lots going on in your physical body. This has a great effect on inflammation.

TMJ, PMS, chronic pain would disappear and you can sleep better.

You can watch this video about this in detail.

Dr. Mercola says: “I’m grounded 95% of the day!”

Sickness starts from inflammation so it can work for all sorts of sickness. I think I have inflammation in my knee so I hope “Earthing” will help me with this.

It might be hard for people who are living in the big city surrounded by concrete, but you can try at a park.

We are all energy, “Earthing” means it connects with everything. You will know and feel we are one.

John’s movie will be held in Tokyo.

June. 23rd. (Sat)

From 3 PM to 5 PM

More information from here.

Why on Earth

If you happened to be around there please watch it.

Love and Peace




Are you speaking your mind?

Hi. Everyone.

This is more about last week’s blog.


After the interview, I started to think that he didn’t ask me about my website,

Nor did I mention it myself.

I didn’t say I was a teaching assistant in the class.

I didn’t mention I’m the only Japanese/Canadian person as a certified practitioner.

He asked me what’s a memorable episode, and I couldn’t come up with any.

Think about it now, there was a chance that I could mention something but I didn’t.

I started to think why I am this way.

I told this to my friend.

She suggested me to send him an e-mail to tell him what’s on my mind.

I thought that’s a good idea, but writing my site address on his site would send his clients to the external site, so he won’t do this kind of things, but I send him an e-mail anyway.

I told my friend what I thought, then she said, that’s for him to decide, not you.

You may have experienced a similar thing before.

Without telling what’s on your mind,

thinking that if I say this, he or she would think this way so I couldn’t say,

Or, if I say this, he or she would take it that way and do A or B or C… so I wouldn’t say.

In reality, until you tell them what’s on your mind,

you wouldn’t know how the other person would think what do.

I was just like this until my friend told me.

I didn’t tell what was on my mind, and I decided what other people would do, and I was stressed.

Whatever the outcome is, I told him what’s on my mind, so I don’t have any regrets.

Adding more to this, my colleague told me that how great

the interview made other people aware of animal communication.

Now, I think about the interview, I tried my best, and I’m happy that I inspired some people or, made them aware of animal communication for people who have never heard about it.

John just uploaded the interview on his site.

Since I sent that e-mail, he wrote how to find me on google, everything I told him was there.

If I didn’t tell him what’s on my mind, the outcome wouldn’t be like this.

Here is the link. If you have time, please check this out.

John Craig (Echan Deravy) – Real Rover

It’s podcast, so it is audio only. He wrote the contents in English but audio is all in Japanese.

Are you communicating what’s on your mind?

Love and Peace






Tara’s turmoil

Hi. Everybody.

My Tara, she will be 15 years old this year.

In human age, she is in 60’s or 70’s.

She seems healthy, runs so fast, ( sometimes, she runs like a crazy kitty.) and she is living a long life with me.


Recently, I noticed that she is losing weight.

Compared with black kitty Fluffy, she is only one year younger yet her weight is much, much lighter than her.


Adding to it, I also noticed that she is not eating crunchies.

Probably the aging thing, and her teeth are not doing too well. When I looked at her teeth, it was brownish but her gum looked still ok.

She is losing weight and doesn’t eat crunchies, so I gave her more canned food, then she gained her weight back.

Every time I feed her can food, she acts as if she hasn’t been eating for a week. I thought maybe she couldn’t eat crunchies because of her teeth, and she must have been starving. I wish I could’ve realized it earlier.

She is eating but if I leave it, her teeth could get worse, so I decided to go to the vet.

I didn’t know this but believe or not, eighty-five percent of cats over the age of three have some form of dental disease.

On the way there, I was anxious and worried. Thinking that, when they treat cat’s teeth, will she have to go under?

Anesthesia is very hard for her old body,

Do I have to leave her overnight at the vet?

Then when the doctor checked her teeth, he said her teeth are ok.


But, she doesn’t eat crunchies anymore. I exclaimed.

Then he continued calmly and said, that’s because she prefers the wet food than dry food.

OMG. She completely fooled me! I was under her control.

She thinks she is the queen of the house.


But tartar build-up has certainly started, so it’s better to start some dental care, the bonus is that her heart is also ok.

I was worried sick about her but her teeth are still ok.

I totally understand that she prefers the canned food but if I give her only the canned food, her teeth would get worse, so I got kitty toothpaste.

This is the stuff.


Just add to the water dish.

A couple days after I used this product, I saw Tara eating the crunchies.

She used to eat only one or two pieces of crunchies, she was eating more than that.

If you leave dental disease untreated, it will affect their liver and kidney, so please check your kitty too.

Love and Peace


=== Announcement ===

I completed all the classes that existed up until this point on Jan. 31st. I’m considering to change the price officially as a professional.

I felt that 20 min reading wasn’t long enough, so I’m thinking to change it to 30 min instead of 20 min.

So, if you are interested, please schedule the reading as soon as possible. (before the price will go up.)



One day before.

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

I wrote this the day before the event.(Oct.27.Friday)

I thought I don’t have time to write a blog but for some reason, I have time to write or should I say my guide gave me a time to write my blog.

It takes 3 1/2 hours, If the weather is not nice it takes 4 1/2 hours by car.

This is my first event, so I can’t even imagine how it’s like.

I’m so appreciated that my husband will drive me and stay there with me,

Even though he has no interest what so ever to this kind of things.

If I get 3 more reading, I will be able to pass this class.

I’ve received encouraging mail from my classmates,

And received a parcel of the beautiful handmade hat with pretty rainbow unicorn kitty card one day before the event.

Support is all around me.

I know I’m protected and I feel encouragement from people and other beings.

Thank you very much. I appreciate all your help.

I said I am protected, but you are also protected and blessing is all around you too. It could be a big thing, small thing, you may see it, or you may not be able to see it. Funny thing is that once you notice the small blessing, it has the snowball effect, one thing to the other, you will encounter more blessings.

I think this is magic.

So, try it out. Look for blessings in your life.

Well, time is up, I’m a bit nervous, but I’m going to have fun as much as possible.

Thank you for reading.


Love and Peace




My Fluffy

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

I would like to introduce my kitty Today.

You probably know I love cats, but Fluffy is very special.


I knew when I met her the first time there is a deeper connection with her.

FYI, We were together in our past life.

Sunning was the favorite things to do in the spring.

We still love to do the same.


When I go to bed at night, wherever she was, she comes and sleeps on my arm. If there were no arm, she would complain.


Beginning of learning an Animal Communication,

I have to choose who would be suitable for a helper animal.

The first helper animal was Fluffy.


She showed me a vision that she was just sitting but her both eyes were glowing blue.

Her body is all black, so she looked like Halloween kitty.

Since she became my helper animal, she helped me to see clearly with my mind’s eye.


Can you guess what is the lesson that she is teaching me?

It is “to have confidence”


Whether about human or animal, the information I receive is not really seen with my physical eye or feel with my hand.

So, to have confidence is a big thing for me.

Adding to this, the class I’m taking for the animal communication, the teacher is an American so as my classmates.

I was the only one who doesn’t have English as a mother tongue.

I was not sure if I can understand English in the class also, speaking out in front of everybody in English was a big thing for me.

But with Fluffy’s help, I’m alright now.

I grew to be able to say I’m an animal communicator proudly.


I have to go out more and more to let people know what I do so I still need Fluffy’s help though.


The fair is coming up to next weekend.

I’m a bit nervous, but I’m going to have fun as much as possible.


Love and Peace


 Penticton Wellness Fair on Oct.28(Sat) and 29(Sun).

Admission is Free and you will get a free Welcome Bag.

Please come and visit me.

Penticton Wellness Fair




Hi. Everybody.

How are you doing?

I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

Okay, Today’s topic is the guilt.

This word itself already holds the heaviness.

But this topic comes up in the reading a lot recently.

The feelings like this

I should’ve done that or

If I could take them to the vet sooner.

I painfully understand the feeling as a human.

It was me before I learned Animal communication.

Years passed by when I think about it tears came down naturally.

So, I want to tell you this,

When they pass,

When, Where, How, Who’s around,

Everything is orchestrated by the animal.

If this was a movie, it’s like a role of director.

I know it’s hard to believe.

But the animal doesn’t take death like a human does.

The animals are the teacher which mastered unconditional love.

They chose the body to be born so that human can learn the lesson the easiest way.

They help us tirelessly, sometimes, they put their life on us.

I hope people who read my blog feels lighter, and I’m glad if it helps you to go forward.


Love and Light







Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

Today’s topic is the dream

I dreamt the other day.

My friend visited my house with her two other friends that I’ve never met.

One of my friend’s friend lost something, so I was looking around and found it but somehow, there were two big boxes of onions and pepper that I grew. They took these boxes too when they left.

I was thinking to call my friend and tell her not to bring her friend anymore but in the same time, I might have given to them without any recollection. Thinking I might be dementia, then I woke up with feeling out of sorts.

This onion in my dream,

Dreaming of onions can symbolize unraveling the many layers to get to the heart of the matter. There may be many levels and layers to a challenge you currently face. You need to peel these back and deal with them one-by-one. Onions can indicate your frustration at things and the possibility you are jealous of others.


Dreaming of peppers is all about money. It indicates your drive and ambition will pay off will financial rewards.

It makes sense about the onion. I have assignments to pass this Animal communication class, and I encountered challenges to do this as a business.

And pepper, this assignment that I have to do has a time limit and I don’t think I can finish them by that time. If so, I worry that I may have to pay more money as a penalty. I still don’t know if I have to pay or not since I still have time.

I dreamt that onion and pepper were taken away from me in the end.

When I looked up in English, It says,

If someone steals something from you in your dream, you are feeling a lack of emotional understanding or appreciation in your life.

Sure, I wrote it before, I tend to be all head, thinking what else I can do but my emotion wasn’t catching up to it.

Not again. I started to feel blue.

Then, I looked up in Japanese and it says,

Dreaming of something stolen means somebody stole something bad that you’ve been holding inside and it’s a good omen.

This means that all the challenges and worries are taken away from me.

I’m simple-minded so, I believe better one.


What did you dream?


Love and Peace



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