Archangel ? Uriel  No.2

Continued from last week.

Since I learned animal communication, I’ve had so many opportunities to get readings from my classmates about Uriel.


But no matter how many different people read Uriel, they said similar things like,

Uriel’s soul is connected to the Universe…

Her soul is some kind of Deity…

Her head is like a sky…


First I thought they must be joking.

But hearing similar things over and over, I started to take this seriously.

When I connect with her, her energy is Magenta like pink in center and translucent turquoise is surrounding the pink and I feel very light energy from her.


She is also helping my animal communication skills, I feel that she is strengthening the connection when I receive the information.


When I realized all these things, my perspective changed naturally, I think I changed how to deal with her.

Then, I found that Uriel’s behavior started to change.

When I call her name, she looks at me and comes to me.

And surprisingly, she started to meow at me to greet me first thing in the morning.

She knows her food is in the fridge, so, she used to nudge her head on the fridge to leave her scent but she never did this to me.

Every time, I witnessed this act, I used to say “no matter how many times you do this to the fridge, it can’t get you food.”

But one day, suddenly, she nudged her head on ME!! She has never done this before.


One time, one of my classmates told me to go to the basement with Uriel then I will find out something. So, when I go to sleep, I imagined going down the stairs with Uriel for a few days.

I sleep with my black kitty (Fluffy ) every day, then one day, Uriel came in between me and Fluffy, there was only a tiny space between us, she was purring and wanting to be bathed from Fluffy. 2/3 of Uriel’s body was on my body. She never stayed next to me. I thought if I move even a just little bit, she would go away so I tried to stay still as long as possible. This was shocking but made me happy.


Recently I’ve come to understand that Uriel is here to help me to have confidence too. She was showing me as a model to have confidence. Two out of three cats are helping me with the same theme, how much more help do I really need about my confidence.

It’s a baby step but I know for sure I am going forward.


So, just like this, once you experience animal communication, as you grow, you will see the changes in your animal too.

There are many animal communicators out there other than me, so try that out. You’ll discover something beyond your imagination.


Merry Christmas

Love and Peace




Archangel ? Uriel

Hi. Everybody.

Today, I’m going to write about my third daughter Uriel.

She was born in the back alley.


Because these kittens are wild, to get used to people for an easy adoption at SPCA, my husband brought them home for a while.


They were so cute, but I had three cats already.

At that time, I could never imagine that I would become an animal communicator, but I asked my three kitties if it’s ok to have another kitten. Two of them said NO, One said YES. Everyone is getting along now and I didn’t want to break the hierarchy, so I’ve decided not to have another kitten.

However, there was one kitten that was very skinny and small.

I didn’t have anything to give the kitten, so, I gave her some sour cream that I had in the fridge. This kitten must have been really hungry, she loved that sour cream.

After a while, hubby took them back where the mommy was.

But then, he came back with one kitten.


I asked what happened,

He said when he put them back, all the kittens were locked in for the warmth and they wouldn’t let this small skinny one in. Then she came back as if she was saying please don’t leave me here. So, he couldn’t leave her there.

If he left her there she wouldn’t have survived.

I couldn’t say no to this.

One kitty who said Yes when I asked, so she ended up being the surrogate mother and even now she is Uriel’s favorite.


Now, this Uriel, even though I named after Archangel, her character is far from it. I thought if I disciplined her from a small kitten, this will keep the hierarchy and everybody would get along together. I was wrong. Everybody has a different character, therefore, some get along and some don’t.


A few years past.

Hubby never forgot that love that Uriel showed him,

because he holds her against her will.

Uriel doesn’t like to be touched.


So, if I try to pet her, she avoids my intention even before I touch her and disappears.

When things like this happened, I couldn’t stop thinking how cute she was when she was a kitten.


The other cats that I live with, I know how they are and whenever I call their name, they answer to me then come to me like a dog. But when it comes to Uriel, I have no idea what she is even thinking about. I thought she thinks of me as a human who gives her food.

But since I learned animal communication, and started to understand why she is in my life, my perspective had changed, then miraculously, her attitude started to change also.

To be continued…

*All the other kitten went to the SPCA found a home, and a cat which was in the back alley was fixed.

Love and Peace




Life is a Virtuoso

Hi. Everybody.

I did some homework with my classmate the other day.

We read each other.

Even though I was reading for another person, the message I received applies also to me.

This happens a lot with my clients.

What came up this time is,

Life is a white canvas.

You can paint any colours you want, and you can do anything with it.

【You are the one limiting yourself.】

You might think you can do only this much, but you can reach higher.

This is what came up when I read this person, but things happened like the one I wrote last week, I felt that as if this message is for me.

I finished reading her. Then she started to read me.

Then she says, I’m playing the violin.

I am a Virtuoso.

In real life, I can not play any instrument.



virtuoso (from Italian virtuoso [virˈtwoːzo] or [virtuˈoːso], “virtuous”, Late Latin virtuosus, Latin virtus, “virtue”, “excellence”, “skill”, or “manliness”) is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in a particular art or field such as fine arts, music, singing, playing a musical instrument, or composition.[1] This word also refers to a person who has cultivated appreciation of artistic excellence, either as a connoisseur or collector. The plural form of virtuoso is either virtuosi or the Anglicisationvirtuosos, and the feminine forms are virtuosa and virtuose.


When I heard this,

I thought that everyone’s life is a virtuoso.

There is an ability or talent that only I possess, and expressing it in my own way.

No matter what other people say,

Whatever happens in life,

Keep playing the music, the sound that only I can play.

There is more.

In the reading, she told me that I was on a narrow path in the beginning, but as I progressed, it became wider.

I was told a similar thing before from a different person.

I hope it comes true.

What kind of sound are you making in this life?

Love and Peace




Culture shock, after all these years?

Hi. Everybody.
I’m in a bit of a funk this past week.
It’s one of culture shock should I say,
I didn’t know that I was a coward.

There is a group, only for the Certified Practitioners,
I’m overwhelmed how other people are speaking up and acting on it.

I know this is the norm in States and Canada.
I probably speak up way more than people who live in Japan.

I feel difficult to be in this group of 12 or so people who are Americans and act the same as others.
It’s not like somebody said something to me,
Just looking at the force, it’s overwhelming and bewildering.

When you become Certified Practitioner, you have an opportunity to become teaching assistant.
But then “Self-worth” thing comes up, what can I really offer?
For others, this is a great opportunity, be able to learn how to teach, and you can put yourself out there.

I know more than enough about this but when you actually teach as an assistant, “Speak Up” thing comes up again naturally, and of course in English.

I was born and raised in Japan. I started to learn English conversation when I was twenty-something. So, I can’t get rid of this Japanese accent no matter how hard I try.
If I become teaching assistant, would the students understand my English with this accent?

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆


Do you see the theme here?
【I don’t have confidence in me.】

This is exactly, why my black kitty, Fluffy is helping me.
【To have confidence.】

If what I think and believe doesn’t change, the reality would be more of “I don’t have confidence.” things show up.

So, what I did next was,
telling what I’m feeling to the teacher.
I thought she might cut me off from this support group because I didn’t show my willingness.
But with a little bit of courage, I wrote an e-mail.

She is a psychic, she KNOWS me.

She suggested to be the teaching assistant of a class, which is not the usual webinar style, instead, it’s Facebook-based, and she is thinking to have 3 teaching assistants. (usually 2)

I prefer writing than speaking.
Knowing that I have two other people to manage the Facebook group, the pressure would be down.

I know eventually, I have to speak up.
But for a first baby step, I thought I could do this, so I decided to become a teaching assistant.

In my case, it was a confidence thing,
but when you are down or have a problem,
the most important thing is to talk to somebody with a little bit of courage.

When you act even a baby step, you might find a way out, and things may happen beyond your imagination.

Love and Peace






Is it a symbol?

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

You may all know already, there are 4 different ways to receive your intuition mainly. (There are more like smell or taste.)

Clairvoyance – see – seeing a picture or movie.

Clairsentience – feel – information comes in as feeling

Claircognizance – know – You know but you don’t know how you know.

Clairaudience –  hear – hearing voice or song

Usually one of them is the mainly strongest but when you use more of your intuition, the second one is kicking in.

In the beginning, I had no idea of which one of them is my thing, but as I learned animal communication, gradually I kind of realized how the information comes to me. To figure this out you need practice. There is no way around it.

My strongest is Claircognizance.

This one is very difficult to be aware of.

Trust issue will come up with this one because there is no certain thing for sure like seeing or feeling. Adding to that, you have no idea where it came from.

Learning animal communication, I had to choose who would be my helper animal (It’s a guide.) my black kitty Fluffy showed me a vision that her both eyes were glowing bluish flame. Since that vision, things that I couldn’t see before I started to see.

It’s nice to be able to see but sometimes, I don’t understand what I saw. Recently I see the vision then knowing comes later so that I will understand the meaning of that vision.

There are 2 kinds of things that I see, one is literally the other one is a symbol.

This symbol, you have to learn it with trial and error.

Because it’s meaning is different for everyone.


Recently, a German shepherd showed up in my reading several times, even though the dog that I was reading was a small dog. Since I know that animals use the experience of the reader (me) to send information, I have the ability to finally understand this message. Here’s how:

In my mind, a German Shepherd is cop dog and cop dogs are very smart and obedient. This is exactly what the dog that I was reading was trying to tell me that he was  very smart and obedient.


What symbols have you discovered yourself?

Do you know what they mean?

Please share here!


Love and Peace




Since I became Certified Practitioner

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.


I wrote a little bit about this before.

Because of the support I had from my friends and my guides, I finally became a certified practitioner.

You can see all the other certified practitioners in here.


My family name starts from W, so I’m at the bottom. I’m the only Japanese Canadian person in there.

I’m learning the Soul Level Animal Communication since last June. I don’t think I had any big issues that came up, but I have difficulty speaking up. English is not my first language so I needed the courage to speak up.

Since I went to the fair and talked to so many other people, I have realized something.

Human character is made based on the experience of life. But besides of the experience, I had a feeling of alienation, feeling of not belong anywhere.

For example, if there is a bunch of people gathering together and having fun, even though I’m right there with those people, I felt like that I’m an outsider looking in from further away. I’ve been feeling this way for so long, I even believed this is the norm. This is the way it is.

But since that fair, I mean nothing special has happened, I even feel very strange to tell you this, but I feel like I’m in it. I’m not the outsider anymore. It almost feels like I’m accepted by this society or accepted that I’m a human being too.

It’s really nothing special, just an ordinary conversation with the waitress at the restaurant or cashier at the store.

I don’t have a feeling of looking in from outside anymore. I feel that I am definitely included.

I told about this to my friend, and she said, it is not that I was accepted by those people or society. I’m the one who accepted everything.

When I heard this, I had a deep understanding from the bottom of my heart. I realized that I had been rejecting. I was the one doing that. I build walls around myself without knowing. You think you know about yourself, but it’s not quite true.

I feel like if I was an egg, just a couple pieces of shells that came off at the moment.

I’m going to learn from animals and grow more and more.

So please continue to cheer for me.

Love and Peace







The Event (No.2)

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

My friend came to see me at the event.

She lives an hour away from here.

I met her years ago at the Healing seminar in Vancouver.

I haven’t seen her since, but somehow she found me

in the perfect timing and came to see me at the event.


It’s nice to have a friend who knows the area that you never been.

She told me this area is famous for the winery, so she took me to the free wine tasting.


I tasted 3 different wine.

I thought of buying one but the entire wall was filled with local wine, and I couldn’t choose one.

I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch, and I was dying for Japanese cuisine, so she took me to the Japanese restaurant.

When I open the door, I saw a Ninja!!


He is the owner.

They are all dressed as Ninja for the Halloween.

I really thought this is the Ninja restaurant.

This is the sushi that Ninja made.


I really outdid myself at the event, so this is the reward for me.

This is my first time ever to try Japanese owner’s real Japanese cuisine. It was really, really good.  I was so glad that I’m alive!!


This is what Miyuki ordered.


On the way back home, my husband and I cruised around the town a bit.


There were a lot of wineries just like this everywhere.


Penticton is a town of winery and lake.


Then I found this.


The back side of it.


This is a public garbage can.


My hubby said that when he was a kid, he used to see this everywhere.

This garbage can was used in

50’s, 60’s and 70’s in this province, and this one is a new version.

On the way back home, we took a different route.

It was a bit further but we went the place that my hubby used to come when he was a child.

This area is also famous for the fruits.

We stopped by here to get unpasteurized local honey.


From the front.


A whole bunch of different pumpkins and squash.


The last place we went was the restaurant that my hubby visited 20 years ago.

He remembered as an Italian, but it was Greek.


I don’t like Italian, so I hadn’t expected anything.

But it turned out to be the place was very nice and fancy, and I love Greek!!

After I had a bite, I remembered to take a picture for my blog.


This was delicious too!!

Salmon and crab meat wrapped with phyllo dough.

The black things are actually garden fresh beets which is my favorite.

I really tried my best at the event, so I feel the blessing from the guides.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Love and Peace