Basking in the sun and Milk Thistle

Hi. Everyone.

It was such a beautiful day, so my kitties and I went basking in the sun in the yard. It had been too cold or too hot recently, so it’s been a while to have a day like this.

Fluffy looks so comfy.


Going outside in this season, I think flea prevention is necessary.  I live with three cats, so I have to give them flea drops.

 Recently I found out that one of my kitties is in the early stage of kidney disease. Since I keep an eye out for new information, I heard that there is a hospital operating Kidney transplants for cats in the States.

Donor cats are from SPCA. After the operation, donor cats are guaranteed to have a home.

So, both the cat which needs a healthy kidney and cats in SPCA will be able to live, a win-win situation.

 When I heard this, I thought human and animals are the same.

Going back to the beginning,

I live with three cats, and two of them are senior cats.

When I give my cats flea drops, their liver has to work harder to get rid of the medication. I thought senior cats need all the help they can get.

Then I found this.

 Milk Thistle

    1. Helps maintain liver health in cats

    2. Health support during use of drugs (like chemotherapy)

    3. Helps support regeneration of damaged liver cells

I’m not working for this company nor getting any kickbacks, but I want my kitties to live healthy as long as possible.

So I would like to share this information with you.

Please use this information as a reference.

Love and Peace




A holistic cat food recipe book

Hi. Everyone.

Living with senior cats, and finding out my Fluffy is in an early stage of Kidney disease, I’m trying to change their diet.

I have only given them wet and dry food for their entire life so far.

Since I learned that probably that’s the cause of my kitty’s kidney disease, I had to do something. I needed to implement the change in their diet.

But I had no clue what to feed them, nor what is bad for them.

There are lots of recipe books for humans, but I couldn’t find any recipe book for the cats until now.

So, I’m going to introduce a cat recipe book.

Dr. Ihor Basko, DVM

Holistic Vet who lives in Hawaii.


I was looking for a book just like this!!

$19.95 US

Feeding Cats: A Holistic Approach

Cat recipes

For dog  $39.00 – $49.95

Fresh food & ancient wisdom

dog recipes.

Because the Dr. Ihor Basko lives in Hawaii, some recipe calls for Hawaiian fish, but you can learn the basics for what I can and can’t give.

There are recipes for kidney disease and some snacks they can eat.

I will give it a try for sure.

Please use it for your information.

If I change their food completely, they probably won’t eat, so I’m going to let them get used to it little by little.

Love and Peace






Hi. Everyone

I love spring the best.

The gentle breeze hitting my face so comfortably and hearing the birds chirping.

The Steller’s Jay is good at mimicking the voice of other birds.

So, he is mimicking the hawk so that other the birds won’t come near the bird feeder.

I wrote about this last week,

John Craig (Echan Deravy) interviewed me about my life and animal communication.

If you missed this you can hear it from here.

Today, I would like to talk about his movie.

He went across an Island for 33 days barefoot.

This is a documentary about his journey.

I didn’t know anything about “Earthing” until I met him.

So, I took off my socks and sandals, I’m writing this blog with my bare feet now with my lovely Fluffy under the cherry tree in my yard.

You might have thought what’s “Earthing”?

It’s to connect you with the Earth when you are barefoot.

Without socks, without shoes, walking on the ground.

You can sit as long as your barefoot feet are touching the ground. This ground doesn’t mean asphalt. It means grass or soil, or sand by the sea, it means nature.

It’s very simple and yet there are lots going on in your physical body. This has a great effect on inflammation.

TMJ, PMS, chronic pain would disappear and you can sleep better.

You can watch this video about this in detail.

Dr. Mercola says: “I’m grounded 95% of the day!”

Sickness starts from inflammation so it can work for all sorts of sickness. I think I have inflammation in my knee so I hope “Earthing” will help me with this.

It might be hard for people who are living in the big city surrounded by concrete, but you can try at a park.

We are all energy, “Earthing” means it connects with everything. You will know and feel we are one.

John’s movie will be held in Tokyo.

June. 23rd. (Sat)

From 3 PM to 5 PM

More information from here.

Why on Earth

If you happened to be around there please watch it.

Love and Peace




Are you speaking your mind?

Hi. Everyone.

This is more about last week’s blog.


After the interview, I started to think that he didn’t ask me about my website,

Nor did I mention it myself.

I didn’t say I was a teaching assistant in the class.

I didn’t mention I’m the only Japanese/Canadian person as a certified practitioner.

He asked me what’s a memorable episode, and I couldn’t come up with any.

Think about it now, there was a chance that I could mention something but I didn’t.

I started to think why I am this way.

I told this to my friend.

She suggested me to send him an e-mail to tell him what’s on my mind.

I thought that’s a good idea, but writing my site address on his site would send his clients to the external site, so he won’t do this kind of things, but I send him an e-mail anyway.

I told my friend what I thought, then she said, that’s for him to decide, not you.

You may have experienced a similar thing before.

Without telling what’s on your mind,

thinking that if I say this, he or she would think this way so I couldn’t say,

Or, if I say this, he or she would take it that way and do A or B or C… so I wouldn’t say.

In reality, until you tell them what’s on your mind,

you wouldn’t know how the other person would think what do.

I was just like this until my friend told me.

I didn’t tell what was on my mind, and I decided what other people would do, and I was stressed.

Whatever the outcome is, I told him what’s on my mind, so I don’t have any regrets.

Adding more to this, my colleague told me that how great

the interview made other people aware of animal communication.

Now, I think about the interview, I tried my best, and I’m happy that I inspired some people or, made them aware of animal communication for people who have never heard about it.

John just uploaded the interview on his site.

Since I sent that e-mail, he wrote how to find me on google, everything I told him was there.

If I didn’t tell him what’s on my mind, the outcome wouldn’t be like this.

Here is the link. If you have time, please check this out.

John Craig (Echan Deravy) – Real Rover

It’s podcast, so it is audio only. He wrote the contents in English but audio is all in Japanese.

Are you communicating what’s on your mind?

Love and Peace






The interview with Fluffy

I was interviewed by John Craig (Echan Deravy) Today.

I’m the very first Japanese speaking interviewee for his show.

I thought it would be in English and Japanese but he decided to do this interview only in Japanese.

He said that later when the show has developed more, he would bring me back for the English.

We talked for about an hour. The first half was about me, how I ended up here. Born in Japan to living in Canada.

Last half was about animal communication.

If you are the reader of this blog, you know this.

I have an issue with speaking up.

Last night before I went to sleep, I told Fluffy that I have an interview Tomorrow, so could you please help me so I won’t be too nervous.

Fluffy on the lap

Next day, when the time came, Fluffy shows up in the room and sits on my lap and had the interview with me.

About the middle of the first half, she must have thought that I’m ok, so she left my lap and stayed on the couch behind me.

John started to talk about animal communication, he asked me what is the most memorable episode with I’ve had with my client, but I my brain froze, nothing coming out from my mouth.

I started to get nervous, then Fluffy came back to my lap.

When I think about it now, I had a whole bunch of episodes to tell, but I couldn’t come up any at the time.

John was very friendly and easy to talk with.

But unfortunately, I don’t think I explained about my Soul level animal communication very well.

This was my very first interview and I learned a lot.

I don’t know if I will have the opportunity like this again,

but I truly wish that more people know about this relationship between humans and the animals deepen through animal communication.

When the recording of the audio is up on his site I will let you know.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Love and Peace






Tara’s turmoil

Hi. Everybody.

My Tara, she will be 15 years old this year.

In human age, she is in 60’s or 70’s.

She seems healthy, runs so fast, ( sometimes, she runs like a crazy kitty.) and she is living a long life with me.


Recently, I noticed that she is losing weight.

Compared with black kitty Fluffy, she is only one year younger yet her weight is much, much lighter than her.


Adding to it, I also noticed that she is not eating crunchies.

Probably the aging thing, and her teeth are not doing too well. When I looked at her teeth, it was brownish but her gum looked still ok.

She is losing weight and doesn’t eat crunchies, so I gave her more canned food, then she gained her weight back.

Every time I feed her can food, she acts as if she hasn’t been eating for a week. I thought maybe she couldn’t eat crunchies because of her teeth, and she must have been starving. I wish I could’ve realized it earlier.

She is eating but if I leave it, her teeth could get worse, so I decided to go to the vet.

I didn’t know this but believe or not, eighty-five percent of cats over the age of three have some form of dental disease.

On the way there, I was anxious and worried. Thinking that, when they treat cat’s teeth, will she have to go under?

Anesthesia is very hard for her old body,

Do I have to leave her overnight at the vet?

Then when the doctor checked her teeth, he said her teeth are ok.


But, she doesn’t eat crunchies anymore. I exclaimed.

Then he continued calmly and said, that’s because she prefers the wet food than dry food.

OMG. She completely fooled me! I was under her control.

She thinks she is the queen of the house.


But tartar build-up has certainly started, so it’s better to start some dental care, the bonus is that her heart is also ok.

I was worried sick about her but her teeth are still ok.

I totally understand that she prefers the canned food but if I give her only the canned food, her teeth would get worse, so I got kitty toothpaste.

This is the stuff.


Just add to the water dish.

A couple days after I used this product, I saw Tara eating the crunchies.

She used to eat only one or two pieces of crunchies, she was eating more than that.

If you leave dental disease untreated, it will affect their liver and kidney, so please check your kitty too.

Love and Peace


=== Announcement ===

I completed all the classes that existed up until this point on Jan. 31st. I’m considering to change the price officially as a professional.

I felt that 20 min reading wasn’t long enough, so I’m thinking to change it to 30 min instead of 20 min.

So, if you are interested, please schedule the reading as soon as possible. (before the price will go up.)



How do you use intuition in everyday life?

Hi. Everybody.

When you hear the word “intuition”, do you think people who have or use this power are special?


I think every single one of us who has this intuition and is using it in everyday life, and it would work like a muscle.

When you exercise, your muscles will get stronger and you can hold heavy stuff or you will be able to run or walk a long distance.

Contrary, when you don’t exercise you lose your muscle and you won’t be able to walk. Just like this, the more you use your intuition, you will get better at it.

I’m using animal communication as a tool, but I was practicing this intuition for a couple of years.

Recently, I started to realize that I was using this intuition without my intention.

For example, when I go shopping, I always have my list of things to buy, while I’m choosing this stuff from the list, other stuff which is not in my list starts to pop up in my mind.

At that time, I couldn’t find this stuff that popped up in my head in the store, and I didn’t think it was necessary to get that stuff anyway,

so I just came home without buying that stuff. Then the very next day, that stuff that popped up in my head broke, and I really needed it in the end.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she uses her intuition this way.

She needed to go to the hospital but she knew if she leaves now it will be really busy, so she uses her intuition to see what time would be less waiting time. Then she picks the first number that comes up.

When you are driving, you feel like you don’t want to use the same path that you were using, then choose the different route. If you had been choosing the same road, you would end up in the big traffic for whatever the reason. You may experience these kinds of things before.

This intuition, everybody has it and is using it in everyday life.

Now, how do you strengthen this intuition?

It is the practice, and the key is what pops up.

For example, when the phone rings, before you look at who’s calling, just guess who is calling.

Or, when you are walking on the street when you turn the corner, guess what colour of the vehicle would be there.

I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of things to practice.

When you strengthen your intuition, I think everything would be smooth sailing.


How do you use your intuition in everyday life?


Love and Peace