Living with senior cats

About a month ago,

my second daughter Tara had the bladder infection, so my husband and I took her to the vet.

Then this time, my first daughter Fluffy had similar symptoms, so we rushed her to the vet again.


We decided to have her blood test done so that we’ll know how her kidney is working.

Fluffy was very brave.

I didn’t know about this when the vet takes the blood out of the cat, the vet shaves a little fur off the throat then the vet finds a vein and takes the blood out of the throat.

Fluffy didn’t move and stayed still.

We found out that Fluffy is in the early stage of kidney disease from the result of the blood test.

She is 16 years old, sadly it’s common for her age.

When I think about this, I’ve lived with the cat all my life, but Fluffy is the first one who has lived this long with me.

I want her to live as long as possible so I changed her diet a little.

Also, I found these.

It’s “All Natural Supplements” from Pet Wellbeing

Urinary Gold for Feline Urinary Tract Health


Kidney Support Gold – Cat Kidney Disease Support


I was originally looking for something for bladder infection then I found something for kidney too, thinking that I can give them both, but when I asked to manufacture they don’t recommend to give them both.

(I’m so glad that I asked.)

So, I give kidney one for Fluffy, urinary one for Tara.

When the cat has the kidney disease,

They tend to

・drink a lot of water

・throw up a lot

So if you are living with the senior cat please look for the sign. If you suspect your kitty may have kidney disease, take them to the vet.


I’m writing this blog while “Earthing” today too.

If you thought what is “Earthing?” read here.


Love and Peace





Robin’s conflict and the Big News

The big news that I mentioned last week, it was postponed.
For a second, I thought it would never happen, but from the sounds of it, this will become a reality, so I’m going to announce this to everybody. To tell you the truth, this is so big for me that I can’t stay quiet anymore.

I’m sure, some people know him already.
He is very famous for “Echan-Juku” (Echan-clam school, he lectures-all in Japanese) in Japan, Echan Deravy (John Craig), he contacted me to be on his new show and talk about my experiences with animal communication.

We video-called the other day, it was like pre-interview.

His timing was impeccable!!
I was video-calling with my friend that day, we talked for about an hour. Right after we said goodbye and hung up, he contacted me.

Because it was a video-calling, the lights were ok, my hair was so-so ok, and my black cat Fluffy insisted to come on to my lap, so we sat up on the cushion with the blankie just for her, I made sure she was comfy, while I was talking to my friend.

I ended up talking with John, so everything (The lights, my hair, even Fluffy.) was ready. Adding more, because Fluffy was there, I didn’t get nervous at all. Fluffy is a psychic kitty so she must have known that I needed her to help me.

I’m still not sure when this interview will take place, I will let you know when I know more.

Meanwhile, spring has arrived where I live. It’s getting warmer every day.
My day starts with feeding the birds.
Because where I live, we are surrounded by the mountains, so there are all sorts of birds different size and colour, depending on the season, they visit my house.

The Robin is the messenger of spring in this country.


There is a water bath for the birds, the Robin was bathing in there comfortably.

Then a Starling flew by.


This Starling, their character is very obnoxious, and they love bathing. When the weather gets a bit warmer, 10 or so Starlings bath at once. They splash water all over, which bothers the other birds who are trying to eat. In the end, the water dish is empty. The other birds don’t like them much.

Going back to this story, when the Robin was bathing, one Starling joined in the water and started to bath with the Robin.

Can you guess what the Robin did next?

Ether the Robin wanted to hog the bird bath or she knew how the Starling is, so she didn’t like that other birds bathing at the same time as her, so the Robin stopped flapping her wings and she stared at the Starling and opened her beak, giving Starling a look. It was hilarious to see that face. She was obviously intimidating the Starling.

How did the Starling react?

Of-course Starling don’t care.

When I witnessed this, I laughed out loud.

The Robin realized that it wouldn’t work. She still tried to bath, flapping her wings even bigger, but she couldn’t win, so she left shortly after.

Have you ever thought what the wild birds are thinking about?

Love and Peace




Power Animal

Hi. Everyone.
Being a Certified practitioner, there are two other people who are shamanic practitioners.
They held a mini-class the other day.
The title was ” Meeting your Power Animal.”
Power Animal is your guide in animal form.
A Guided meditation will take you to see your Power Animal.
When I got to the forest, I looked up, and I saw on top of the trees there were birds flying in circles, I also heard the sharp sound of a hawk.
I kept on going, I imagined everything following the guided meditation. After going through a tunnel, finally, I’m supposed to meet my Power Animal. The guided meditation told me that the ground is sand. So, I imagined the sand.
But for some reason, I thought why sand after going through the tunnel? I was just looking at the sand, then I saw a tiny turtle.
What? This tiny turtle is my Power Animal? While I was questioning myself, I heard a monkey in the background.
What??? Is my Power Animal this little turtle or monkey? I really didn’t know what to believe.
Then suddenly,
The sky opened wide, it looked like a tear, and inside of the tear was black, something came out from there with extreme speed and very strong sound, then it landed on my right arm.
It was a hawk with big yellow foot and beak.
He is almost saying that no, I’m your Power Animal,
Next, I asked what’s the message.
It wasn’t like a conversation.
I felt the grace, dignified strength, confidence, speed.
I knew that when I’m not sure about things, he will guide me to the right path. Adding more, his kindness wasn’t touchy-feely, it was even strict. He cut the BS to say and act a straight type of guy.
On the way back through the tunnel, he was on my right shoulder.
I was quite surprised that I could actually meet my Power Animal, but also kind of knew it was a hawk.
A few years ago, a hawk showed up where I feed birds.
This is the picture that I took.

If you read books or look on the internet you can find all sorts of meaning of the Power Animal, but the most important thing is that what you felt when you saw your Power Animal.
By the way, the person who read guided meditation’s Power Animal is half human and half animal.
The teacher’s Power Animal was a rabbit, in the beginning, then she finds the zipper on the rabbit, then camel came out of the rabbit.
What is your Power Animal?
Love and Peace





Hi. Everybody.

How are you doing?

I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

Okay, Today’s topic is the guilt.

This word itself already holds the heaviness.

But this topic comes up in the reading a lot recently.

The feelings like this

I should’ve done that or

If I could take them to the vet sooner.

I painfully understand the feeling as a human.

It was me before I learned Animal communication.

Years passed by when I think about it tears came down naturally.

So, I want to tell you this,

When they pass,

When, Where, How, Who’s around,

Everything is orchestrated by the animal.

If this was a movie, it’s like a role of director.

I know it’s hard to believe.

But the animal doesn’t take death like a human does.

The animals are the teacher which mastered unconditional love.

They chose the body to be born so that human can learn the lesson the easiest way.

They help us tirelessly, sometimes, they put their life on us.

I hope people who read my blog feels lighter, and I’m glad if it helps you to go forward.


Love and Light







Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

Today’s topic is the dream

I dreamt the other day.

My friend visited my house with her two other friends that I’ve never met.

One of my friend’s friend lost something, so I was looking around and found it but somehow, there were two big boxes of onions and pepper that I grew. They took these boxes too when they left.

I was thinking to call my friend and tell her not to bring her friend anymore but in the same time, I might have given to them without any recollection. Thinking I might be dementia, then I woke up with feeling out of sorts.

This onion in my dream,

Dreaming of onions can symbolize unraveling the many layers to get to the heart of the matter. There may be many levels and layers to a challenge you currently face. You need to peel these back and deal with them one-by-one. Onions can indicate your frustration at things and the possibility you are jealous of others.


Dreaming of peppers is all about money. It indicates your drive and ambition will pay off will financial rewards.

It makes sense about the onion. I have assignments to pass this Animal communication class, and I encountered challenges to do this as a business.

And pepper, this assignment that I have to do has a time limit and I don’t think I can finish them by that time. If so, I worry that I may have to pay more money as a penalty. I still don’t know if I have to pay or not since I still have time.

I dreamt that onion and pepper were taken away from me in the end.

When I looked up in English, It says,

If someone steals something from you in your dream, you are feeling a lack of emotional understanding or appreciation in your life.

Sure, I wrote it before, I tend to be all head, thinking what else I can do but my emotion wasn’t catching up to it.

Not again. I started to feel blue.

Then, I looked up in Japanese and it says,

Dreaming of something stolen means somebody stole something bad that you’ve been holding inside and it’s a good omen.

This means that all the challenges and worries are taken away from me.

I’m simple-minded so, I believe better one.


What did you dream?


Love and Peace



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Heart of the matter

Hi. Everyone. How are you all doing?

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m learning Soul Level Animal Communication since last June. I am in the Certification level now. To pass this class I have to read total of 20 people. (12 for free and 8 for paid) I’ve done 6 free readings and one paid reading so far.

I usually go to Facebook group to get people who want to be read. Now, this group is huge. So many people in this group from all over the world.

But recently I’ve noticed that no matter what time of the day I put the post up to get somebody to read, nobody is responding. It has been days. I really tried, different days, different times but still nobody is responding me. I don’t even get people to read for free.

I am doing the affirmation everyday to get more clients. But still none zilch nada. Of course I went on this negative moment that nobody wants to be read from me, I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t be even doing this, I’m not worthy of this, blah, blah, blah.

But remember this went on only for the MOMENT because I KNOW I can do this and I am good at it. Plus I have my helper animal on my side who decided to do this work with me before we were born.

I stopped and pulled out some cards for guidance. Yes. I’m a card reader too. I’m not only a pretty face you know.

The card told me that my confidence is low (Yeah, for sure.)

Listen to music to cheer myself up (Right.)

I got them so far.

But then the Union card showed up.

This card means that two parts of the soul come together. Like soul mates or I’m supposed to meet my higher self or guide of some sorts. I kind of felt that Yeah right. I’m supposed to meet somebody or connect with my guide or something. Didn’t think much of it. I did this like a week ago.

Then a couple days ago I had a class. The teacher asked the class the number of how many people did we read so far. Of-course I’m the lowest number. I told my teacher about this that I’m doing everything that I can think of but nothing is happening for me.

Well, she is the teacher and psychic, as soon as I asked the question, she saw me doing all the right thing but my feeling, the excitement, the passion wasn’t there.

Another words I was all head, thinking what else I can do but my emotion wasn’t catching up to it.

I kind of knew this before the class. I’m also learning Satori (enlightenment), manifestation is the beginner thing to do. I’ve done it successfully in the past.

My lovely teacher taught me how to feel the feeling exercise.
I’m doing this everyday ever since. But then I realized what the Union card actually means. That it is my merging in my mental and emotion.

Sometimes, I get caught up with what I have to do verses that I feel. This is my 111th times being human. So, I’m not the expert of the human feeling. It’s been a few days since I’m doing this feeling exercise and new phrase of affirmation.

I didn’t want to try the same thing over and over again to get people to read and expect different outcomes, so this time, I made a Facebook Page

https://www.facebook.com/KeikoWatt (Please LIKE my page.)

and I asked in Japanese to get more people to read. I asked 3 people and I got 3 people. That was easy.

No matter how much my mind wants something, if I don’t believe that’s what I want, nothing becomes a reality. Yes. I know that in my mind, but my heart is very slow to act on it.


Are you getting what you want?

Love and Peace



I don’t know when she started this.

Tara loves to eat. She wants to know the taste of the day asap. It’s like licking the back of the lid of ice cream in human.

Thinking back, the reason why I started to learn Animal communication was Tara.

If you are a cat lover, even though you don’t know animal communication, you kind of know what they are telling you. Like, if your kitty meows in front of the door, that means your kitty wants you to open the door. I was just like this, I kind of knew what they are telling me but I wanted to know more.

One day, I needed to go to the washroom, when I went in there, Tara was already sitting on the edge of the bathtub.


As soon as I went in there, I heard “I love you” in Japanese which is my mother tongue.

I was the only one in the house.

Nobody was there.

Was that….  Tara…..

I came back to reality, grabbed Tara and screamed.



There was no answer.

Since then she has never talked to me. Or, should I say, she is talking to me but I don’t understand it.

A few years go by….

I wanted to study something. Suddenly Animal Communication teacher shows up. I started to learn, then I realized that, Before I was born as a human, Tara and I decided together that I become Animal Communicator and to help translate human and animal. Tara feels very responsible about me being an Animal Communicator. She is very happy that I didn’t quit. She thinks the job is well done.

In the reading, She helps me stabilize the connection between me and the human, and when it’s difficult to connect with an animal, she talks to the animal instead of me. She is a very reliable helper animal for me. Please keep up the good work. Tara.


Love and Peace

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