Heart of the matter

Hi. Everyone. How are you all doing?

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m learning Soul Level Animal Communication since last June. I am in the Certification level now. To pass this class I have to read total of 20 people. (12 for free and 8 for paid) I’ve done 6 free readings and one paid reading so far.

I usually go to Facebook group to get people who want to be read. Now, this group is huge. So many people in this group from all over the world.

But recently I’ve noticed that no matter what time of the day I put the post up to get somebody to read, nobody is responding. It has been days. I really tried, different days, different times but still nobody is responding me. I don’t even get people to read for free.

I am doing the affirmation everyday to get more clients. But still none zilch nada. Of course I went on this negative moment that nobody wants to be read from me, I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t be even doing this, I’m not worthy of this, blah, blah, blah.

But remember this went on only for the MOMENT because I KNOW I can do this and I am good at it. Plus I have my helper animal on my side who decided to do this work with me before we were born.

I stopped and pulled out some cards for guidance. Yes. I’m a card reader too. I’m not only a pretty face you know.

The card told me that my confidence is low (Yeah, for sure.)

Listen to music to cheer myself up (Right.)

I got them so far.

But then the Union card showed up.

This card means that two parts of the soul come together. Like soul mates or I’m supposed to meet my higher self or guide of some sorts. I kind of felt that Yeah right. I’m supposed to meet somebody or connect with my guide or something. Didn’t think much of it. I did this like a week ago.

Then a couple days ago I had a class. The teacher asked the class the number of how many people did we read so far. Of-course I’m the lowest number. I told my teacher about this that I’m doing everything that I can think of but nothing is happening for me.

Well, she is the teacher and psychic, as soon as I asked the question, she saw me doing all the right thing but my feeling, the excitement, the passion wasn’t there.

Another words I was all head, thinking what else I can do but my emotion wasn’t catching up to it.

I kind of knew this before the class. I’m also learning Satori (enlightenment), manifestation is the beginner thing to do. I’ve done it successfully in the past.

My lovely teacher taught me how to feel the feeling exercise.
I’m doing this everyday ever since. But then I realized what the Union card actually means. That it is my merging in my mental and emotion.

Sometimes, I get caught up with what I have to do verses that I feel. This is my 111th times being human. So, I’m not the expert of the human feeling. It’s been a few days since I’m doing this feeling exercise and new phrase of affirmation.

I didn’t want to try the same thing over and over again to get people to read and expect different outcomes, so this time, I made a Facebook Page

https://www.facebook.com/KeikoWatt (Please LIKE my page.)

and I asked in Japanese to get more people to read. I asked 3 people and I got 3 people. That was easy.

No matter how much my mind wants something, if I don’t believe that’s what I want, nothing becomes a reality. Yes. I know that in my mind, but my heart is very slow to act on it.


Are you getting what you want?


Mysterious encounter

Hi. Everyone.  I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul level animal communicator. I’m doing the Summer special. If you would like to know why your animal is in your life, please check out my web site.

Golden Fairy 444

I experienced the incident that I never even imagined. I live in the very old house which was build on 1947. When I was sitting at the kitchen table, I heard a weird noise and that came from the wall. ガーン

I didn’t think anything of it, but I heard it again.ガーンガーンガーン

I looked around to find out where exactly it’s coming from.

This old house that I live in, In old days, there was no oven that you could just plug in and it works. People put some wood in the stove and then cooked on it.(wood stove) Therefor, there is a circular hole on my wall by the oven. It must’ve been where the chimney was. But we don’t need this anymore, so someone who used to live before us closed that hole by plywood. I just cover this ugly hole with nice little picture.

When I looked around where this noise was coming from second time, I witnessed this picture was vibrating. Yeah I have the picture that vibrates now…

Thankfully, My hubby was home, so I told him what’s happening. And he says it must been the bird that fell down in the chimney. I grew up in the city, I just couldn’t believe what he said.ポーン

Chimney is so narrow that there is no space for the bird to fly up. If we didn’t do anything, this bird will be…..ゲッソリ

So, we decided to do something.

My husband took off the picture from the wall, Then started to break the plywood. While he is doing this, I closed all the door so that the bird wouldn’t go in. And the circular hole on the wall appears as if it was a black hole connected to another Universe…

We waited for a while but it was silence. We started to think Strange??? But I suggested to my hubby to wait little longer.


Suddenly, the little black bird appeared on the circle.

(Right one, brown female)

She was just chilling there and looking at us. I think she was strategically thinking the way out.

In my kitchen, there is a door, big window and small window. Next to the door there is a big window, And Tara三毛猫who became Youtube celebrity was sitting by the big window, Me, hubby and Tara, our eyes are locked on that black bird.

Now here comes chaos.

I really didn’t see this coming.

That little bird is just chilling as if nothing was happening. Sitting comfortably on the edge of the circular black hole. Tara who is lost her patienceムキーstarted to walk toward the bird. The moment Tara moved, the bird flew toward a small window which was the closest to her. But this window has a screen ducttaped it from outside so that it’s not a quick getaway.

I screamed Tara’s nameびっくりand grabbed herガーン, while I put her in a different room and closed the door, Hubby was trying to break the screen open. But because the bird can see the outside through the window, she hit herself on the window several times.

These are happening in several seconds.

By the time I came back putting Tara in the different room, the little bird was safely out from the space between the screen that my hubby broke open.

Hubby was so excited and says that the little bird was so close, he could have almost touch it. He even said “We saved the little life.”ラブラブ

I was happy too.

But also as a woman, after all this debacle, I knew I have to clean up everything. Fill the hole again and vacuum. Hubby had to grab a ladder to ducttape the screen again. It was hard.

But in spite of all that, I was happy about the end result.

Black birds are eating my bread that I baked.

キラキラMessage from this little bird.キラキラ

Find a stillness in chaotic situation.


I don’t know when she started this.

Tara loves to eat. She wants to know the taste of the day asap. It’s like licking the back of the lid of ice cream in human.

Thinking back, the reason why I started to learn Animal communication was Tara.

If you are a cat lover, even though you don’t know animal communication, you kind of know what they are telling you. Like, if your kitty meows in front of the door, that means your kitty wants you to open the door. I was just like this, I kind of knew what they are telling me but I wanted to know more.

One day, I needed to go to the washroom, when I went in there, Tara was already sitting on the edge of the bath tub.


As soon as I went in there, I heard “I love you” in Japanese which is my mother tongue.

I was the only one in the house.

Nobody was there.

Was that….  Tara…..

I came back to reality, grabbed Tara and screamed.



There was no answer.

Since then she has never talked to me. Or, should I say, she is talking to me but I don’t understand it.

A few years goes by….

I wanted to study something. Suddenly Animal Communication teacher shows up. I started to learn, then I realized that, Before I was born as a human, Tara and I decided together that I become Animal Communicator and to help translate human and animal. Tara feels very responsible about me being an Animal Communicator. She is very happy that I didn’t quit. She thinks the job is well done.

In the reading, She helps me stabilize the connection between me and the human, and when it’s difficult to connect with an animal, she talks to the animal instead of me. She is a very reliable helper animal for me. Please keep up the good work. Tara.

I’m doing the summer special.

Please check out my site for detail.



I dreamt the other day…

In my dream, I had to go out somewhere which wasn’t happy outie it was more like a chore of some sort.

I have to go right away but I couldn’t find my shoes.

I was looking for my shoes everywhere in my house.

But the shoes that I was looking for weren’t ordinary shoes.

I was looking for ice skates.

I wasn’t going for ice skating, just for chore like grocery shopping or something.

In the end, I couldn’t find my skates, I woke up while I was looking for skates everywhere.


I looked up dream symbol.

Ice Skating – Ice skating is symbolic of graceful, free motion and the power and importance of inertia and balance. If you dream that you are ice skating proficiently, this is an indication of a deep confidence in your ability to accomplish your goals. Furthermore, you will accomplish them well and with ease, as long as you can keep your balance. Each action you take will push your project farther than you anticipate.


My dream was not skating, I was looking for the ice skates.

That mean I’m looking for grace, freedom, power and importance of inertia and balance.


Adding to it, you wear the shoes on the bottom of your body.

Losing or looking for shoes might point out insecurity that keeps you from moving through life in a more grounded fashion.


When I decipher the meaning of my dream,

I sighed…

Because recently I’m feeling like stuck in the hole about bringing more people into my animal communication reading.

To tell you the truth, I have an assignment of getting at least 8 paid clients by the end of September otherwise I can not pass this class.


My reading is a bit different from other animal communication.

I connect with human first, then connect with an animal to get information from them. After that I ask what the human is learning in this life with the help of animal. Also it doesn’t matter if the animal is alive or past.

I’m doing a summer special now.

If you are interested please check out my site.

Golden Fairy 444


Sorry, I advertised myself here a bit.

But I would love to find my ice skates as soon as possible and wear them gracefully.


What did you dream about?


Summer Special

I’ve been learning Soul level animal communication since last June, I learned and witnessed how animals are helping human.
You all know the unconditional love they offer.
But their lessons that teaching human are so deep and profound.

People say, ” There is no coincidence”
The animal you are living with, you think you chose that animal don’t you?

Truth is, you and your animal decide which lessen you are going to learn and the soul of animal will pick just the body ( which animal ) for you to learn the lesson.

Your animal knows you the best!!


I’m doing a summer special.
It’s 20 min for $30 (CAD)
Reading will be using a phone or computer (Only voice no picture.)
If you are interested but not sure what the animal communication really is, this is perfect for you.

Please check out my web site for detail.


Animal Communication 6

I want you to know how my reading was done, so I put up the content of the reading and feedback on my blog.  I have a permission to put up on my blog from readee.  I used initial to protect there privacy.


Name of Human – Ms.S

Date: Apr.28.2017

Name – T

Gender – Male

Species – Dog

Alive or Passed – Alive


★Human Personality

I see the personality with color.You are royal blue color. To me this is the color of intuition, perception and the higher mind. I felt push around both temple area. I heard laughter. I feel like you hide your real emotion with laughter. Your energy came in as balloon like doll. Your feet are touching the ground but anytime soon you will float away. Because you know how others are feeling, you don’t want to hurt yourself or others, you have a tendency of NOT to engage deeper with people.



★Animal Personality

He came in panting and playful. He wants me to throw a ball. When I did, he went to get it and came back right away and waiting for me to throw again. Very playful and happy dog. Now he wants to play tug of war.


★Body info

I felt itch on both ears (more left side), left side neck, both arm between paw to elbow and lower back. All of them just little itch.



He likes to play a lot.


★What would he likes to change.

He showed me his food and I felt hungry. He wants more food.


★Soul contracts (The lesson the animal is helping human learn)

Be who you really are.

He showed me him catching a ball and you are relaxed and sitting in the nature then I heard laughter. He wants you to be you. Just the way you are and laugh from the bottom of your heart.


★How the animal is helping human

When you play with him, your mind become clear, you will know who you really are.



Stop being so busy, take time for yourself and play with him more.



When you take time for yourself and play with him more, you become even more clear. You will know that you don’t have to hide your emotion with laughter anymore and you will be OK with the way who you really are.


—– Feedback —–


Hi thanks heaps for that. Can Def relate to some of that for sure.




Animal Communication 4

Sylvester the cat.jpg

I want you to know how my reading was done, so I put up the content of the reading and feedback on my blog.  I have a permission to put up on my blog from readee.  I used initial to protect there privacy.


Name of Human – Ms.A

Name – S

Gender – Male

Species – Cat

Alive or Not – Not alive


★Human Personality

I saw a young woman wearing long boots. When I tuning in to your energy, I felt almost butterfly in my heart. Then I heard “matter of the heart” I didn’t feel sad nor excitement, you have something that concerning about? I saw pale pink to purple, your energy is more reserved to me. You are not the person who is going out of the way to the spot light.

For some reason, I saw a pop up tent for a camping. I don’t know why I saw this but I’m just throw it in here. Something in your heart is weighing you and you keep it to yourself. You might want to consider talk to somebody.


★Animal Personality

When I call your kitty S, he showed up as this cartoon character. Do you know Looney Tunes, Tweety Bird? There is a Black kitty who is trying to get Tweety. His fur was long but ether playing with the water or mud like condition. He is very playful. Just like cartoon.



He likes to play. He doesn’t care how messy he gets, he was tumbling down, playing so hard.


★What would you like to change.

He showed me, as that cartoon character, he is whistling, casually walking, holding a big hammer on his back. He wants to break something. I asked what he wants to break, it was a chain attached to you Ms.A.


★Soul contracts (The lesson the animal is helping human learn)

Light-hearted, be free.


★How the animal is helping human

He said, she thinks she is chained up, dragging heavy weight everywhere she go. I want to cut that chain. It’s all in her mind. She is making her own weight to herself.

When you feel down, think of me. I will cheer you up and know that you are free.


I asked is there anything else to tell your human.

I felt so much love from him.

He said to tell her that I’m sending her love and watching over her.



Thank you for my reading. You were quite bob on with everything you said. I think sometimes I put too much pressure on myself so will definitely taking the advice. Thanks again