Power Animal

Hi. Everyone.
Being a Certified practitioner, there are two other people who are shamanic practitioners.
They held a mini-class the other day.
The title was ” Meeting your Power Animal.”
Power Animal is your guide in animal form.
A Guided meditation will take you to see your Power Animal.
When I got to the forest, I looked up, and I saw on top of the trees there were birds flying in circles, I also heard the sharp sound of a hawk.
I kept on going, I imagined everything following the guided meditation. After going through a tunnel, finally, I’m supposed to meet my Power Animal. The guided meditation told me that the ground is sand. So, I imagined the sand.
But for some reason, I thought why sand after going through the tunnel? I was just looking at the sand, then I saw a tiny turtle.
What? This tiny turtle is my Power Animal? While I was questioning myself, I heard a monkey in the background.
What??? Is my Power Animal this little turtle or monkey? I really didn’t know what to believe.
Then suddenly,
The sky opened wide, it looked like a tear, and inside of the tear was black, something came out from there with extreme speed and very strong sound, then it landed on my right arm.
It was a hawk with big yellow foot and beak.
He is almost saying that no, I’m your Power Animal,
Next, I asked what’s the message.
It wasn’t like a conversation.
I felt the grace, dignified strength, confidence, speed.
I knew that when I’m not sure about things, he will guide me to the right path. Adding more, his kindness wasn’t touchy-feely, it was even strict. He cut the BS to say and act a straight type of guy.
On the way back through the tunnel, he was on my right shoulder.
I was quite surprised that I could actually meet my Power Animal, but also kind of knew it was a hawk.
A few years ago, a hawk showed up where I feed birds.
This is the picture that I took.

If you read books or look on the internet you can find all sorts of meaning of the Power Animal, but the most important thing is that what you felt when you saw your Power Animal.
By the way, the person who read guided meditation’s Power Animal is half human and half animal.
The teacher’s Power Animal was a rabbit, in the beginning, then she finds the zipper on the rabbit, then camel came out of the rabbit.
What is your Power Animal?
Love and Peace




I dreamt the other day…

In my dream, I had to go out somewhere which wasn’t happy outie it was more like a chore of some sort.

I have to go right away but I couldn’t find my shoes.

I was looking for my shoes everywhere in my house.

But the shoes that I was looking for weren’t ordinary shoes.

I was looking for ice skates.

I wasn’t going for ice skating, just for chore like grocery shopping or something.

In the end, I couldn’t find my skates, I woke up while I was looking for skates everywhere.


I looked up dream symbol.

Ice Skating – Ice skating is symbolic of graceful, free motion and the power and importance of inertia and balance. If you dream that you are ice skating proficiently, this is an indication of a deep confidence in your ability to accomplish your goals. Furthermore, you will accomplish them well and with ease, as long as you can keep your balance. Each action you take will push your project farther than you anticipate.


My dream was not skating, I was looking for the ice skates.

That mean I’m looking for grace, freedom, power and importance of inertia and balance.


Adding to it, you wear the shoes on the bottom of your body.

Losing or looking for shoes might point out insecurity that keeps you from moving through life in a more grounded fashion.


When I decipher the meaning of my dream,

I sighed…

Because recently I’m feeling like stuck in the hole about bringing more people into my animal communication reading.

To tell you the truth, I have an assignment of getting at least 8 paid clients by the end of September otherwise I can not pass this class.


My reading is a bit different from other animal communication.

I connect with human first, then connect with an animal to get information from them. After that I ask what the human is learning in this life with the help of animal. Also it doesn’t matter if the animal is alive or past.

I’m doing a summer special now.

If you are interested please check out my site.



Sorry, I advertised myself here a bit.

But I would love to find my ice skates as soon as possible and wear them gracefully.


What did you dream about?

Love and Peace