What is the real reason behind the problematic animal behavior?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.


Have you ever wondered, why they do the things they do about your pet?


This question came up from a client.

She has a dog. This dog, when he doesn’t have a collar on, he jumps over the fence and goes missing. He doesn’t do this when he has a collar on.

My client was wondering why her dog would do this.

She was very concerned because it’s very dangerous.


When I connected to this dog, I heard “FREEDOM.”

I didn’t hear this word with a serious tone of voice.

It was as if this dog was wearing sunglasses and skateboarding having so much fun.

I felt that he was enjoying this freedom from the bottom of his heart,

no collar, no fence, completely free from restriction.


I asked him why does he jump over the fence.

He just simply said that he is showing his human how much fun he is having from the bottom of his heart.

My client is always busy. Even though she is having fun with her friends, there is something else on her mind all of the time. She is not having fun completely.

Then she asked me to tell her dog to stop going over the fence.

When I told the dog what his human said,

he said he would think about stopping if his human can have fun completely.


Just like this, there is always a reason behind this problematic behavior. The animals are teaching a lesson to their human.

Even more, this dog knew the possibility of danger. He was sacrificing his body to teach his human this lesson.


I wrote about this a few weeks ago on my blog.

My kitty Tara was using my kitchen counter as a litter.

She was telling me to give her more attention, but there was another message.

She was telling me to pay attention to my body, take care of my self more. I just ate whatever I want, and I didn’t care about my health what so ever.

We, humans, tend to think it’s a problematic behavior when the animals do the things that we don’t like. But if you look at it from the animal point of view, he or she is doing it for you to be aware and help you learn the lesson.

So, if you think it’s a bad behavior before you scream at them, think about what they are teaching you.

The lesson you learned from your animal, you decided it before you were born into this life, and the animals are helping you to learn this lesson.


What is the animal teaching you?


Love and Peace






Signs and Synchronicity

I participated in the webinar about the signs and synchronicity.

I hear this word a lot.

But what is “Synchronicity” anyway?

It is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related. A person sees them as a meaningful coincidence, although the events don’t have to be exactly simultaneous in time.

When you start to notice the signs and synchronicity,

it will boost your faith, it helps you to guide you, and you know you are on the right path.

It’s fun to find the signs, also it reminds you that you are never alone.


When I look back on my life timeline,

The year 2001 or 2, I saw Doreen Virtue on TV. She was doing angel readings. (I was born and raised in Japan, angels are myth there.) I wondered if angels existed. I just thought there was another world out there at that time.

2003, I moved to where I live now. ( I couldn’t speak English that well, all my family and friends are in Japan, my husband was away on the weekdays, I was alone for days.) One day, I felt so lonely, I was crying in the dark closet for hours. Suddenly I felt this warm feeling. It almost felt like wrapped by a blanket. At that moment, I knew guides, my ancestors, and angels are all around me. Since this day, I never felt alone.

Then coincidentally, I found that Doreen Virtue will be coming to my province. I went to see her, and she picked me to read me from 300 other people in the audience.

Since I met Doreen, I read all sorts of books about angels. Then I learned that she was on Hayhouse radio, I started to listen to it. I also listened to mediums and all sorts of other people.

One day, this medium mentioned that he was interviewed at this summit. (by the person who held this webinar. ) I was listening to this show, then there she was, I found my teacher. She was also interviewed by the same person. My animal communication journey started from here. It was exactly what I was looking for.


And now here I am.

Coincidence? I never thought I would be an animal communicator. But I believe there is no coincidence.

I was lead to experience these synchronicities to be an animal communicator.


If you experienced something weird, more than twice, jot it down. Otherwise, you forget them. The most important thing is that don’t dismiss them thinking that it’s just a coincidence.

These synchronicities guided me and told me which path to take.

Please think back about it in your life.

If you connect the dots, people who you have met, things you learned, with your action, you meet other people.

Spirits give us signs and synchronicity to connect the dots to guide us, the way you can’t even imagine.


Depends on you if you notice them, or not.

You may end up with a different choice.



What kind of synchronicity have you experienced?


Love and Peace





Forever Pet

Hi. Everyone.

I found this video on Facebook.

This is a talk on TED by Rodney Habib, it’s called “Forever Dog”

It’s about “How To Build The Oldest Pet In The World.”


The oldest dog on record was 30.
The oldest cat was 38.

This is how long dogs & cats are capable of living!


The UK Kennel Club had Pedigree breed health survey in 2004.

The average dog age was 11.3 years old.

2014 they did the same survey and the average dog age was 10 years old.

10 years later, the dog life shortens 1 year.


What about cats?

State of pet health on 2013 report, based on 400,000 databases, found the average lifespan of a cat is 12 years old.


Some people would think this is the way it is.

But for people like me, that want the pet to live as long as they can,

there is something that we can do about it.


According to the top scientists in the world, this information will slow down the aging process and will increase longevity.

Here is the longevity checklist.

  1. Stress resistance
  2. Caloric restriction
  3. Insulin signaling
  4. Repair damage
  5. Environmental factors

I was quite surprised by the stress resistance.

If you are an animal communicator, you know that the animal can read the energy.

The researchers found out that if the human had a fight with somebody earlier, the dog can sniff out the stress that a human had, and they can adopt the emotion that a human was feeling.


A team of scientists was conducting this study.

They collect sweats samples from people who watched happy movies and horror movies.

They put the pet owner on one side and a stranger on the other side in the small room.


They let the dog sniff the happy person’s sweats,

immediately dog becomes happy and went to meet a stranger.

On the other hand, when the dog smelled the sweats of fear, it ran and hid behind the owner.

Some dogs would be so scared, they would press themselves against a wall and they would make no interaction with anybody.


What the scientist found was these dogs were not only smelling these emotions, but they were also adopting to those emotions.


If the owner is stressed out, the animal would be stressed out too.

So, try to get rid of this stress as much as you can.



Don’t you want your beloved pet to live as long as possible?


Love and Peace





Train your brain

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.

Have you ever heard of this saying, “you are creating your reality?”


I learned this through Dana Wilde’s webinar that we have 60 to 90,000 thoughts every day, and 96% of these thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

96%, seriously???

This means that we think almost the same thing every day and are doing the same things repeatedly.

and part of your brain works like a matchmaker so that what you think matches with the outside world hence, reality.

For example, let’s say you want a green car, you never saw a green car before but as soon as you focus, you start to see all sorts of green cars everywhere.

One more thing that I remembered is that things that you are not good at, like you don’t have a girl/boyfriend, don’t have the money, things that you are not doing well. Nothing wrong with these things itself, but keep thinking and saying them is not good.

Because by thinking and saying the same thing repeatedly, the matchmaker matches what you are thinking and outside world.


So, what can I do to get out of this vicious cycle?

You need to imagine what you want and FEEL it.

You don’t have to think how you get there.

Sure, sounds simple, isn’t it?

But what is important is to FEEL the emotion.


I tried that too.


I couldn’t imagine that feeling well.

I felt that emotion was thin or short.

It felt like far away.


I was thinking about how to train my brain, then my matchmaker worked hard for me, to bring the other person saying the similar thing.

This person was saying that you need to FEEL first.

The second is gratitude, then let it go.


If you are like me, understanding this in your mind but not really getting it, I suggest looking for what’s going right in your life.

When you find one, the matchmaker starts to work so that more of the things that going right for you will show up.


If you can’t find what’s going right for you, you can say something like this.

– Even if you’re not where you want to be yet, you’re on your way.

– Even if you still sometimes worry about finances, you will figure it out.

You can use a magic word like “Even if” or “But.”


What’s going right in your life?


Love and Peace






Pay attention to me!

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.

This is about my second daughter who comes up on this blog a lot.

(When I’m Earthing, she always steals my slippers.)


She had a bladder infection, and my husband and I took her to the vet before.

But it looks like it came back, and she started to use unusual places as a litter box.


One of the places that she chose was the kitchen counter.


There was a sugar container for the hummingbirds that was on the counter.

Somehow she peed inside the container, so I had to get rid of all of the sugar.

I cleaned everything.


I gave Tara some pills, and it seemed she was getting better.


Then the same thing happened again.

I got rid of the sugar twice.

I thought when things happen twice, it will happen the third time, so I moved that sugar container to a different room in the higher place.


But I wonder…

If she wants to go, she could use the entire house. But why does she come all the way on to the kitchen counter.

When I was talking about this with my friend, we figured out that the message is for me,

because I’m the only one who cooks in my household.

And sugar…?


Then a light bulb went off in my head.

When I get up in the morning, the very first thing that I do is feed the birds outside. I take care of the birds before my kitties.

Tara thinks she is a queen. It’s just her character.

So she had been pissy about that.


Once I clued-in this little detail, I start to feed my kitties first.

I took care of the birds after.


My first daughter Fluffy,


She is always with me, we sleep together every day.

But when it comes to Tara, I don’t think I spend enough time with her compared with Fluffy. So, I try to take time with Tara.


Then Tara started to demand me to brush her.

Yes. I’m a complete servant to her.


As a result,

She doesn’t have a bladder infection, and she stopped using my kitchen counter as a kitty litter.

There is a deeper meaning behind what animals do.



What is the message that your beloved pet is sending you?



Love and Peace






Expectation of the Hummingbird

Hi. Everyone.

I have two hummingbird feeders.

Humming bird1

The long one doesn’t have a resting place so that they have to hover around while drinking.

Humming bird feeder1

The flat one has a resting place so they can relax while drinking.

Humming bird feeder2

I was feeding the birds outside the other day.

While I was changing the water for them, the hummingbird came at me with the speed of a bullet.

I was so surprised.

He drank from the long hummingbird feeder.

The distance between him and me was about 20 cm.


When I looked at the feeder, it was empty!


I thought he would fly away, but he was still hovering around by the feeder.

He was thinking something, then he looked at me.

Then he went to the different openings and drank once, and looked at me again.

He repeated this a few times.


Eyes of hummingbird are very big, considering how small their body is.

Humming bird3

I understand that he was telling me that it was empty.

He was telling me to replace the nectar.

The other hummingbird feeder has lots of nectar in it still, but for some reason, they like the long one better.


When I replaced it with fresh nectar, I can see and feel how happy they are, but they are very territorial.

One is always keeping an eye on the feeder.

When other hummingbird flying by, he ambushes the other one.

The hummingbird that likes the flat feeder is always looking around, his head is moving left to right.

Once in a while, two birds are drinking at the same time.

I laughed when I saw this, because this means, that bird is not ok but this one is.


It was interesting to know the bird psychology.


Love and Peace






A message from a beloved pet in Heaven

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.

If you have something that you would like to ask an animal communicator, please let me know.

You can send me an e-mail.

If these questions apply to a lot of people, I will try to answer them on my blog.

I have this question that my reader asked.

How’s my dog or cat doing in heaven?

When I asked this question to the animals on the other side,

They showed me that they were having fun in nature, playing and relaxing.


One of my clients asked me this,

my dog “A” who is in heaven has ever met my cat “B.”

I asked that question to A, and he says that I saw B, but I’m not hanging out with B all the time. So, I told this to my clients. My clients knew the answer already because when they were alive, they were together when they feel like it but they were not hanging around all the time.

Even though they lose their body, the character doesn’t change so they might be doing a similar thing over there.

Oh, and the animal who crossed over by sickness or accident, when they go to the other side, they will be a perfect form again, so you don’t need to worry about that.

You may have experienced this, just before you wake up, or just before you go to sleep. You know that in-between state. You are not really awake or sleeping.

Have you felt your kitty around your leg on the bed where your beloved kitty in heaven used to sleep? or you heard the bark of your beloved dog. I’m sure quite a lot of people have experienced this.

This is called “visitation.” They came to see how you are doing, so please don’t think that you made it up.

Because we are only human, sometimes we miss them, wanting to be with them.

If and when you feel this way, ask your beloved pet that you are missing them and want to see them again.

You can just say out loud or write in your journal.

a few days later, you may see them on TV or ad by chance, or somebody was talking about the same breed. They will send you a message somehow.

If you lost your beloved pet recently, our human emotion is still attached to your pet strongly, when you are in this state of mind, it might be difficult to receive messages. Your beloved pet is sending you a message but we, the human are not ready to receive them. So, I think it’s easier to receive messages after a certain period of time.

I was missing my beloved kitty, Sunney, the very next day I ended up having dinner with my acquaintance, and this person was wearing a T-shirt with Sunney’s picture. Sunney was tortie so you know how the colour and patterns are different, but that picture was exactly the same as my Sunney.

She was telling me that she heard me, and she is around.


I wrote similar contents before.

You can check this out from here.

Animals and the other side


Have you experienced visitation?


Love and Peace