Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Everything has happened Today.
I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that I am guided by my team of guides.

I know it’s sudden but I’m going to be at this event next Saturday.


Image by BestGraphics_Com from Pixabay


Come join us next Saturday, Apr.13.2019
I will be at the “FRASER VALLEY PET EXPO”
offering soul level animal communication
to visitors and visitor’s pets during the show free of charge!!

“Fraser Valley Pet Expo 2019” will be held at Chilliwack Heritage Park! ​
44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4A7

Apr.13.2019(SAT) from 10 AM to 4 PM

$5 for adult admission kids 12 and under are free.

Fraser valley pet expo Facebook page

For more detail visit, FRASER VALLEY PET EXPO


Now, I would like to tell you how I got here.

I was out all day Yesterday.
After midnight I checked Facebook, and I found a post about a wellness fair in June. Even though there were only a few spots left, I sent an e-mail to the organizer to get more information.

I checked my e-mail account Today, but there was no e-mail from that organizer. Feeling a bit blue, I figured that maybe the spots were filled already.

Then I looked at my Facebook timeline, and I discovered the post of the “Pet Expo.” I looked into more detail. To my surprise, it’s happening next week in the town I go grocery shopping.

I cursed myself, why didn’t I notice that earlier.
I was feeling blue already from other fair but now I feel a darker blue…
I didn’t even know there was such an event happening in this town, furthermore, I had no clue what kind of fair this is.

So, I sent an e-mail to the organizer, asking that I know it’s too late for this year, but can I apply as a vendor as an animal communicator.

Then right away I received an e-mail, telling me that there was a cancellation so that I can apply.

I dove right in.
Then she offered me an even better deal!!
If I offer my readings for free of charge, she would waver the fee.
I wanted more exposure, and I can be of service to the people and their pets.
It was perfect for me. Plus, this fair is only one day, and people who come to this fair are all pet lovers!!

Usually, in Canada, those fairs are held for two days.
The fee for a booth, hotel, food, gas, it could cost more than $800.

I didn’t even know this pet expo Facebook page existed, to begin with. It’s a mystery to me how I saw that post. I don’t think it was a sponsored post.

In this pet expo,
they run contests and are looking for donations for prizes.
So, I’m going to donate 45 minutes of soul level animal communication session.
I know this session also goes to a person who really needs it.


I heard this phrase before
“The universe has your back!”
I truly feel that I am guided.


If you are around Chilliwack, please visit me.


Love and Peace


Earthing with pets

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Finally, spring has arrived here where I live.
Although, when the sun goes down behind the mountain, it still gets cold.
Despite that, my cherry tree has started budding.

Even the bird look busy.
I can hear their conversation everywhere.

I greatly appreciate that I can live in a place that has four seasons, but I love spring the most.

I like earthing on a day like today until the sun starts to “hide and seek” behind the mountain.


I was looking at the sites that carry earthing goods. I found an earthing mat for pets.

Humans and animals are the same, our body is electric equipment, everything is electrical just like a battery.
Pets stay inside of the house too long, their body becomes positive like a battery.
The surface of the earth is charged negatively, so stand on the earth with bare feet, and let the positive go out of the body and take in the negative so your body can be balanced.

When I do the earthing, not only do I feel good but also I feel connected to all things that are alive. All I do is walking on my bare feet.

I have some sections of moss in my yard so when I walk there, I feel like I’m walking on a cloud.

When you do earthing, your inflammation lowers about 60 to 80 percent. I have written about earthing before. Please check this out.




Are you earthing?


Love and Peace


Soul level animal communication

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I live with three cats.
Since I came to Canada, I have lived with 4 cats, and they make me feel content.

Sunney who is in heaven, Fluffy is a leader, Tara is a queen.
They take care of me and I feel we are completely connected to each other.
The moment my eyes met Tara’s eyes, she started to purr. We are so happy knowing that we are spending this time together.


But Uriel is different.

She is so beautiful, her fur is shining, even her voice is so pretty,
and yet she doesn’t purr.

She doesn’t let me touch her.
She let me pet her maybe once or twice, then she goes away.

She won’t let me hold her either.
(with practice, she lets me hold her maybe five seconds now.)

Before I became an animal communicator, I thought she must have thought of me just as a person who gives her food.


I understand that it was necessary for me to feel support and love from Sunny, Fluffy and Tara. Since I came to Canada completely alone from Japan, and I couldn’t speak English that much then.

Then Uriel came into my life with a completely different character.

Do you think this is a coincidence?

I know they have different characters, just like humans.


Uriel is using the emotion that I feel when I’m around her, ( like I don’t have much confidence in me, or I’m not good enough.) she is modelling me to have the confidence or to have humour. (she makes me laugh all the time.)
She is teaching me the lessons that I decided before I was born into this life.

What is the lesson your pet is teaching you?

Love and Peace

P.S. I wrote how Uriel came to me before.

Archangel? Uriel No.1




Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I tried a new guided meditation the other day.

This meditation uses symbols and can find out the meaning of the symbols all by myself.  It’s like reading yourself.

One of the questions was, “What kind of flower do I need to bring my business to fruition?”

I got a white lily, and the message from this flower was “respect.”
(The meaning of the symbols would be different depends on the person.)

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

When I received this message, I didn’t quite get it. I thought this means that probably, I need to respect myself more.


Several months ago, I received an e-mail and the contents made me think about my self-esteem. I thought if my character was more of a leader type, this person wouldn’t send me this e-mail. I probably will see this person this coming Monday.


Then I picked a card Today, I received this message.

Respect and confidence in who you are comes from appreciating your unique gifts and talents. This creates a natural flow to one’s life. When you develop your self-esteem, people respect you more and the universe appears more generous.


I finally got the meaning of the white lily and the e-mail. This person who sent me an e-mail to make me realize my low self-esteem.


How’s your self-esteem?


Love and Light


P.S. I wrote a similar blog before. If you are interested please check this out.

What do you think of your self-worth



My first automatic writing

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I participated in the webinar about automatic writing.


I’ve heard of automatic writing before, but I haven’t tried it myself, furthermore, I thought that automatic writing is that your hand is moving itself from beginning to the end.

This was my first try and it didn’t go as well I thought. Of course, my hand didn’t move itself, and I stopped after the first greeting.

The tip is “keep writing”, but people like me who think too much in the head, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing.
I feel like I wrote everything intentionally, I couldn’t decipher which part is the guide and which part is me.
I felt like I’m learning animal communication all over again with a different topic.

Even more, while I’m writing, I see some vision, and so I wrote about this vision, but this is not really automatic writing. Seeing the vision, I’m using a different circuit, because I’m used to getting the information this way.
So, it may take some time to communicate through automatic writing.

But practice makes it better, and I’m sure the distance between my guide will be shortened. Using a different way of communicating with my guide will open up my psychic ability too.

Have you tried automatic writing?

Love and Peace


Hello From Heaven

Hi. Everyone.
I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I had an errand to run so I went to town the other day. Every time I go to town, because I live in such a rural area, almost always I go grocery shopping.

I finished shopping and was waiting at the cash register, my husband pointed a cashier next to us and said: “I like her.”

I remembered her from last time.

She is petite, probably over 60.
She is so fast, her work ethic is amazing, she made me think if I can do the same thing when I’m her age.

When I heard my husband’s comment, I knew right away why he thinks that way.

But I didn’t tell him, instead, I asked him: Do you know why you think you like her?

Of course, he said: I don’t know.

I told him that she reminds you of your late mother. Finally, he understands it.


I’m sure everyone has had this experience like this before.
When you meet somebody new, this person reminds you of someone you lost, or when you are with somebody, the way of this person or way that he/she talks reminds of you somebody on the other side.

When you feel this emotion, it is a sign from Heaven. The soul of the person on the other side is also thinking of you.

Maybe, hubby’s mom was wondering how he is doing.


Have you noticed the sign from Heaven?


Love and Peace


Thrush & Steller’s Jay

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I have a morning routine every day when I wake up. After I feed kitties and clean the litter, I take care of the birds outside.

I live in a place surrounded by trees, therefore, lots of different and colourful birds visit me every season.

When winter comes, this bird shows up.



It’s all white after the snow, then this bird appears, this colour of orange stands out in the white background, I am in awe of its grace and beauty.

Then I hear the noise outside.

One is hogging the feeding area.

The character of Thrush is very aggressive.

It attacks all the other species.

I understand how it feels but I give them plenty of food. I worry if they hurt each other.

Funny thing is that when Thrush attacks Steller’s Jay because the Thrush is smaller than Steller’s Jay, some just jump a little, others kept eating, completely ignoring the Thrush.

Steller’s Jay


Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash


I smiled when I saw this,  thinking that every bird has a different personality.

When the Thrush is too aggressive and attacking small birds, the Steller’s Jay comes between them and separates them.


Everybody is hungry this time of the season. A little bit of your love goes a long way.



Love and Peace